President AMLO Takes a Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Policies

President AMLO addresses migrant rights, criticizes the opposition bloc, and shares musical recommendations in his morning conference. Updates on the Mayan Train project and urban development plans. Fuel and food prices were discussed. Stay informed with the latest news from Mexico.

President AMLO Takes a Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Policies
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador advocates for migrant rights during the morning conference.

In his usual lively style, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) kicked off the morning conference with a series of interesting topics. Let's dive right in!

Taking a stand against anti-immigrant policies, AMLO urged the public not to vote for those who despise the immigrant population in the United States. Specifically, he called out the "anti-immigrant" law implemented in Florida by Ronald DeSantis. With passion and conviction, AMLO emphasized that migrants contribute significantly to the United States' workforce and should be respected. He refuted the notion that migrants are thugs and criticized the media's tendency to blame them for drug trafficking.

In a break from political matters, the President shared his weekly musical recommendation. This time, he chose "America" by Los Tigres del Norte and Calle 13. AMLO has consistently highlighted music that promotes non-violence and avoids glorifying drug use, expressing his belief in the power of positive cultural influences.