El Chapo had the same power as the president, says AMLO in New Year's message


There came a time when Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán had the same power as the president, but that "is now history," said Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

El Chapo had the same power as the president, says AMLO in New Year's message. Screenshot
El Chapo had the same power as the president, says AMLO in New Year's message. Screenshot

In a video recorded from the Palenque archaeological site and broadcast on social networks, the federal executive sent out congratulations for the New Year and called for unity among Mexicans.

In just over four minutes, the Mexican president endorsed the theses he has upheld throughout his term of office that corruption is being fought and public life is being purified.

He said that 2019 was not a bad year and highlighted the stability of the economy, although he acknowledged that insecurity and violence were still pending.

He said 2019 was not a bad year. "I can assure you that corruption is over, especially at the top," he said.

On economic matters, he insisted above all that there is development, not just economic growth.

"What is the difference between growth and development? Growth is that there is money, development is that there is money and that income is fairly distributed, that wealth is fairly distributed. That's what happened this year.

"Many Mexicans, millions of Mexicans, are receiving support, benefits like never before," he said.

Acknowledging that insecurity and violence are still pending, he expressed his confidence that the country will be calmed down.

He considered that among other factors, besides achieving progress and justice, it is very important to separate what is a crime from what is authority.

"Paint the line very clearly so that what happened in previous governments does not happen," he said, and he stressed:

"There came a time when (Joaquín) Guzmán Loera had the same power, had the influence that the president had at that time, who held the highest position in the government of the Republic, because there was a conspiracy and that prevented those who committed the crimes from being punished.

"That is now history, the dustbin of history. That will not happen again, we want to moralize the public life of Mexico and we are doing it. We are purifying public life so that people can have moral authority and political authority," he said.

In the end, he sent a hug to all Mexicans regardless of the current of thought or religion. "We have to unite all Mexicans," he said.