President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) registered an approval rating of 62%, results that correspond to December 2020 and which means a difference of two percentage points less compared to the previous month. This means a difference of two percentage points less compared to the previous month. The same difference is reported in the average approval reported in 2019, with 71.16 percent, while in 2020, it was 61.83 percent.

In January 2020, the president's approval was 71%, subsequently, it was lower and the lowest reported in June, with 56%. The year that has just ended had as context the economic crisis and the sanitary emergency due to coronavirus (Mexico reports an accumulated of 1.44 million positive diagnoses and 127,213 deaths, according to the last report of the Ministry of Health).

The approval that the president has contrasted with the opinion that the country is on the right track because 28% said that it is on the right track, which reflects a fall of 18 percentage points compared to what was reported in November 2019. Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said they were on the wrong track and 37% said they were on the right track.

The performance of the current administration, which has been in place for two years, in the area of corruption, 39% indicated that it is very good/good and 37% indicated the opposite; in public safety, the rating was negative, with 55%, because 28% believe that management has been good/very good; in health, 39% believe that management was bad and there is also disapproval in the area of economics, 47% believe that management of the current administration in this area is bad/very bad.

Regarding the main problems that afflict the country, the main problem is the coronavirus, then the economy and unemployment, and in a third-place, insecurity.

Another of the questions asked was what is the perception of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as a person and 64% said that he is very good or good, while 15% responded that he is bad or very bad and 17% indicated that he is neither good nor bad. About the attributes with which they qualify the Mexican president, 57% said honesty, which had a decrease of three percentage points compared to last month, while 52% indicated leadership and 37% with the ability to give results.

On the issue of term revocation, 63% of those polled answered that they would vote for López Obrador to continue in office, while 33% indicated that they would not endorse him not to continue in office. In December 2019, seven out of ten people considered that AMLO should continue in office. Furthermore, 45% of those polled said they were in favor of the fourth transformation proposed by the current administration, 24% said they were against it, and 28% did not express a position on it, which could be identified as a neutral position.