AMLO Schools Elitist 'Fachos' in Political Ping-Pong

In AMLO's morning conference, he battles media accusations, touts progress in the “Internet for All” project, and takes a swing at conservative foes. The stage is set for a global tour, promising more political theatrics on the international stage.

AMLO Schools Elitist 'Fachos' in Political Ping-Pong
President AMLO addresses media accusations, championing alternative voices on social networks.

The National Palace is buzzing at 07:29 as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) takes the stage for his daily morning conference. It's a theatrical performance, a one-man show of politics and charisma that starts every day with a twist.

Media Mischief

AMLO's morning spotlight didn't miss a beat as he took the opportunity to declare war on media figures he accuses of spearheading a relentless “campaign” against his administration. “They are furious,” he says, with a wry grin that hints at a deeper game being played.

In the face of media attacks, AMLO champions the rise of alternative voices through social networks. He sees it as a purification of public life and, as a bonus, a hefty saving on what he terms the “corrupt system of media control” that used to cost the people a pretty penny.

He tosses a verbal grenade at rumors of 300 hurricane-related deaths in Acapulco, calling it a ploy to undermine his government and, more dramatically, to “bring the mafia back to its place.”

Internet for All

As the conference unfolds, AMLO's government reports progress in the quest for “Internet for All.” The ambitious “CFE Internet Telecomunicaciones para Todos” project aims to cover the entire country. Telephony coverage has already leaped from 91.9% to 94.5%, and the promise of free Wi-Fi is music to the ears of connectivity-starved citizens.

AMLO, casting the internet as a “revolution,” hints at its role in both electrifying and communicating, calling them “services that go hand in hand and will be consolidated.” The internet, it seems, is not just a tool for the people but a strategic move in the political chess game.

Conservatives in the Crosshairs

In a moment of political theater, AMLO takes a swipe at former presidents Fox and Calderón for supporting Javier Milei's candidacy in Argentina. He labels them “conservative fachos” who offend the intelligence of Mexicans. It's a lively performance, with AMLO advising his opponents to stop lying and start crafting alternative proposals.

The President asserts that these conservatives don't accept the people, branding them elitist and out of touch. He suggests they hold a congress to figure out if their strategies have worked, implying they might need a new playbook.

AMLO's Tour in the U.S.A.

As the conference wraps up, AMLO drops a bombshell—heads of the Secretaries of the Navy, Security, Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Economy will accompany him on his upcoming tour in the United States. The agenda includes a rendezvous with Chinese President Xi Jinping, U.S. President Joe Biden, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

AMLO, ever the showman, has set the stage filled with media battles, promises of free internet, verbal sparring with conservatives, and a grand tour on the international stage. As the curtain falls on this morning's spectacle, one can't help but wonder what twists and turns the next act will bring in the ever-entertaining saga of AMLO's Mexico.