AMLO Fires Back at Texas Governor Over Migrant Woes

Mexican President AMLO outlines progress in healthcare, education, and migrant support. COVID-19 alert remains low. Free textbooks for students. Investigation into the elevator accident underway. Commitment to combat fentanyl trafficking and reduce inequality.

AMLO Fires Back at Texas Governor Over Migrant Woes
President AMLO addresses the nation during a morning conference, outlining progress in healthcare and education initiatives.

In a recent morning conference, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) discussed several key initiatives and achievements, highlighting progress in the health sector, education, and support for migrants. The conference covered various topics, and we present a summary of the key points discussed:

IMSS Bienestar Program

Zoé Robledo, Director General of the IMSS, reported that the IMSS Bienestar care model is now operational in 14 states. The IMSS has invested heavily in conservation efforts, the acquisition of medical equipment, and the hiring of specialist doctors. The program has seen an investment of 8,484 million pesos, providing essential medical support to these states.