AMLO's Reform Plans Shake Up the Supreme Court

President AMLO's morning conference covers musical recommendations, COVID-19 plans, CFE rescue, judicial reform, and more. Get the details and factual insights in this news story.

AMLO's Reform Plans Shake Up the Supreme Court
President AMLO discusses the need for judicial reform during his morning conference, emphasizing transparency and accountability.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) kicked off his morning conference with a musical recommendation that caught the attention of the nation. Continuing his quest to encourage young people to listen to songs that promote positivity, he presented "Tenías que ser tú" by Silvana Estrada. The President's eclectic taste in music adds a quirky touch to his daily briefings.

In other news, AMLO discussed his upcoming work tours, announcing plans to visit the progress of the highly-anticipated Tren Maya (Mayan Train) over the weekend. While he acknowledged that the transfer of the first cars might take longer than expected, he assured that testing would begin shortly. Additionally, he mentioned that the Mexico-Toluca interurban train is already undergoing initial tests, reaching speeds of up to 160 km per hour.

AMLO also highlighted the contributions of the National Council of Humanities, Sciences, and Technologies (Conahcyt). He praised the council's efforts in various scientific advancements, including the creation of agrochemicals, ventilators for respiratory insufficiency, and the development of the Patria vaccine. Furthermore, he emphasized the 55% progress made in separating clay from lithium, a metal recently nationalized by his administration.