AMLO Battles Fake News and Fat Cat Salaries

AMLO's presser: Spicy retorts and historical tidbits. The media slammed for sensationalism, shady companies exposed, and ministers' salaries compared to media moguls. Plus, “Who's Who in the Lies of the Week” dispels myths and roasts reporters.

AMLO Battles Fake News and Fat Cat Salaries
AMLO throws punches! From Texas' heritage to media bias, he tackles hot topics in his daily presser. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Welcome, fellow truth-seekers, to a journey through the labyrinthine world of Mexican politics – via the lens of President López Obrador's daily press conference. Today's menu is a mixture of spicy retorts, historical tidbits, and, of course, a hearty helping of “Who's Who in the Lies of the Week.” Buckle up, porque se pone bueno!

Texans, Tacos, and Televisa

First up, a historical amuse-bouche: Texas' Mexican heritage takes center stage. Apparently, our neighbors north of the Rio Grande weren't always yee-hawing – once upon a time, they were munching on tacos and salsa to the tune of mariachi. AMLO, ever the history buff, dropped this little nugget while chatting with US congressmen, who (bless their Texan hearts) inquired about the whereabouts of Santa Anna's portrait. It's like a telenovela episode where amnesia strikes, but instead of lost lovers, it's national identity on the line.