American woman beaten to death inside her apartment in Cancun

Authorities in Cancun responded to a report of a woman who had been discovered dead in her flat with signs of violence.

American woman beaten to death inside her apartment in Cancun
An American woman was found dead in her Cancun apartment after being brutally assaulted. Credit: Policía de Cancún

Amid the alerts issued for insecurity, a young woman from the United States was brutally murdered, allegedly by her intimate partner, state authorities reported.

According to the police report, neighbors in Cancun's region 252 alerted the police about foul smells in a house. When the agents arrived, they found the body of a woman with signs of having been beaten to death.

Police investigations revealed that she was Natalie "N", 38 years old, with U.S. citizen identification.

It was initially thought that the motive was robbery, since she had nothing of value, such as cell phones, and her wallet lacked credit cards and cash.

Later, it came out that she had been in Cancun for a year, where she met a man named Bryan who drove a motorcycle taxi.

During the investigation, it was also discovered that the woman had been dead for at least a week, so it is presumed that her alleged partner fled the city.

Neighbors reported that they continually heard arguments between the couple, but because the woman did not speak Spanish, it was difficult to offer help.