Former Italian soccer player Alessandro Del Piero, active between 1990 and 2014 and known for being the star of the Italian team Juventus and the Italian national team, shared on his official Instagram account, pictures of his stay in Los Cabos. The legendary world champion with Italy in the 2006 World Cup has more than 4 million followers on Instagram, who comment and give 'like' although he is retired, this has not been an obstacle to continue being popular.

The 46-year-old ex-footballer is seen posing by the sea, among the rocks. The pictures so far have more than 100 thousand likes. Pinturicchio, as he is also known, posed the question "Where were we? Accompanied by the hastagh #Vacation in one of his photographs to which his followers answered in Italian that he was in Mexico, specifically in Cabo San Lucas.

He accompanied one of his photographs with the quote: "Penso che ... "Bisogna vivere come si pensa, altrimenti, prima o poi, si finisce col pensare come si si è vissuto." which in English would be: "You have to live as you think, if not, sooner or later, you end up thinking as you have lived".

This is not the first time Del Piero visits Los Cabos, he also did it in 2015.

Alessandro Del Piero was born in Italy in 1974 and from a very young age he showed he had the talent to perform as a soccer player, taking his sports career to the top in the period from 1990 to 2014. Del Piero, is known as 'Pintuturicchio', "Godot", 'Alexander the Great' and 'Great' because his position as a striker was what opened the doors to the world in the Italian national team, as he holds the record of being the player with the most goals scored with the Juventus jersey.

Alessandro joins the list of athletes who have chosen destinations in Baja California Sur to relax this week, as is the case of American gymnast Simone Biles and Mexican diver Alejandra Orozco.