Coronavirus in Acapulco: daily figures of Covid-19 define actions to be taken


As of today, Acapulco, the epicenter of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in the state of Guerrero, accumulated 14,319 positive cases, 244 active infections, 925 suspects, and 1,548 deaths. The figures of Covid-19 infections in Acapulco are monitored daily in order to determine the new actions to be taken in view of the coronavirus contingency.

Acapulco coronavirus cases on 19-Feb-2021
Acapulco coronavirus cases on 19-Feb-2021

The State Health Secretariat informed in its daily report that there are 785 active cases of Covid-19 in the state, while the accumulated infections during the pandemic total 34,651 and 3,384 deaths.

The figures published this Saturday by the agency indicate that Acapulco has 280 active patients, followed by Chilpancingo with 151 cases, Zihuatanejo with 56, and Iguala where there are 52.

Guerrero is still in the red epidemiological traffic light, there are 103 new confirmed cases, 281 people hospitalized, and the occupancy of beds in hospitals in Guerrero is 38 percent, higher than the national average.

Acapulco will comply with the new sanitary dispositions that will be in effect until February 28th in the Official Gazette of the Government of Guerrero, affirmed the general secretary of the City Hall, Ernesto Manzano Rodríguez.

He said that they will be more constant in law enforcement and operations in bars, beaches, and political events, which will also have a restriction on the number of attendees and the places where they will be held.

"To continue in red traffic light until February 28 obliges us to be stricter with the sanitary prevention measures, so there will not be any kind of consideration for those who are not complying with the dispositions that were made known", he expressed.

Mr. Manzano Rodriguez, informed that once the new prevention dispositions are published in the face of the covid-19 pandemic, the authorities involved in the anti-covid operation, which is carried out in businesses, beaches, and public places where there may be a concentration of people, will proceed to carry out the actions.

He pointed out that the closing hours of businesses and the sale of intoxicating beverages must be respected, as well as the capacity which will continue to be 30 percent, in addition to the closing hours of beaches. In addition to the closing of places such as movie theaters, social centers, and political events in closed places.

Coronavirus among hotel employees in Acapulco

The president of the Acapulco Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies (AHETA), Alejandro Dominguez, said that some hospitals have reported workers who have fallen ill with the Covid-19 coronavirus, but he considered these to be "isolated" cases. Monitoring has been done in the hospices "and there is not a strong outbreak as one might expect.

By Mexicanist, Sources: Mexican Government and Guerrero Health websites