Acapulco surpasses the one thousand deaths by the coronavirus Covid-19


Acapulco does not let down its guard against the increase in coronavirus infections, so it intensifies cleaning and disinfection brigades in different parts of the city. To counteract the effects of the pandemic, urban furniture, and public transportation were disinfected at different cab, van, and bus terminal sites.

The governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo Flores, recognized that although the entity has advanced in statistics with the decrease of deaths from coronavirus in Acapulco, they continue to present infections every day and are concerned and alarmed by the arrival of tourists from Mexico City where the pandemic and contagion is stronger.

Leading the daily conference to update cases from his offices in Acapulco, the state president reported that he held a new meeting with leaders of the Catholic Church to help prevent pilgrimages, posadas, and any massive act that could cause an increase in contagion during the month of December.

"We are very concerned because at the end of the day Mexico City is experiencing a greater alarm, where most tourists come from because from Mexico City, we are on a route of care but our visitors come from a place where the contagion is increasing rapidly," he explained.

Astudillo Flores insisted that his government will continue to carry out the operations in the tourist destinations and the sanitation modules will continue at the entrance of the beaches to encourage visitors to use mouth guards, keep a healthy distance and wash their hands constantly.

On the other hand, the governor insisted to the faithful to the Virgin Mary that this year they do not organize agglomerations so as not to risk their relatives to contagion, since it is those massive events where they occur, because the healthy distance is not respected and many people continue refusing to use the mask.

Acapulco coronavirus cases
Acapulco coronavirus cases

The El Palmar cemetery in Acapulco, Guerrero, is about to become saturated with victims of the Covid-19 coronavirus, so there are already plans to build 150 new tombs in addition to the 300 that were opened in April. The director of Pantheons and Wakes, Gerardo Sánchez Meza, reported that from April to date, 270 burial services have been carried out in El Palmar, leaving only 30 spaces available.

The trend of deaths from coronavirus in the port is down, but that does not mean that the health problem is under control. The municipal government complies with all sanitary measures to ensure that burials are safe, such as the use of protective uniforms for workers, disinfection and sealing of coffins, and the limit on the number of people attending the pantheon.

Relatives of the victims are asked to enter the cemetery with a maximum of 10 people at the time the coffin float arrives, in addition to wearing coveralls and anti-bacterial gel.

The El Palmar pantheon is located in the rural area of Acapulco, was built 18 years ago, and was a popular cemetery, now it is used as a pantheon for people of limited economic resources who have died of coronavirus and to whom it is free, although the burial requires more than willpower.

Acapulco coronavirus update
Acapulco coronavirus update

Governor Héctor Astudillo Flores, warned that in view of the Christmas and New Year holiday season, his administration is analyzing the possibility of taking new measures and making announcements in case there is no decrease in the number of coronavirus infections in Acapulco, or if he does not get off the orange to yellow traffic light.

In declarations in Chilpancingo, the president was consulted regarding the events that are carried out in these dates like the walk of the Banner in Chilpancingo, and indicated that if the semaphore does not change in the first days of November, the adjustments will begin.

December is the high season for the arrival of visitors to the tourist destinations that make up the so-called Triangle of the Sun in Guerrero and he insisted that if the epidemiological signal is not moved, the new announcements will be made and applied "now".

It is worth mentioning that Acapulco, Zihuatanejo, two of the state's tourist poles, as well as Chilpancingo, Tixtla, and Atoyac de Alvarez, are the municipalities where the highest number of infections are currently reported.

Acapulco coronavirus trend line. Image: Ministry of Health
Acapulco coronavirus trend line. Image: Ministry of Health

In the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, this weekend began a comprehensive program of cleaning and sanitization of the bay of Santa Lucia, to reduce the risks of coronavirus infection. The program headed by the Tourism Commission of the Cabildo of Acapulco consists of the sanitization of accesses, businesses, and religious sites.

These actions are aimed at maintaining optimal hygiene conditions in the tourist infrastructure in order to prevent contagion in the event of vacationers' arrivals. In addition to fumigating and sanitizing the areas with the highest concentration of tourists, the Costera Miguel Alemán is also being cleaned.

Businesses are given anti-bacterial gel, sanitizers and owners are invited to reinforce hygiene measures in the facilities. Hoteliers, service providers, and restaurant owners also participate in these actions with their internal hygiene protocols. State authorities have asked society to collaborate with prevention measures to prevent the entity from falling back on the epidemiological traffic light.