Coronavirus in Acapulco: High contagion level alert due to increase of Covid-19


In the most recent 24-hour report, 623 new cases were counted in Guerrero, surpassing the 2,400 cases in the last six days. Currently, there are 3,207 active cases, of which 922 are in Acapulco, 914 in Chilpancingo, and 423 in Tecoanapa, informed the state Health Secretariat. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 47,768 cases of coronavirus in Guerrero and 4,672 deaths.

The Regulations and Entertainment Department of the municipal government of Acapulco closed a hotel that operated as a clandestine clinic for Covid-19 patients. Through a citizen complaint, explained the agency, it was found that four rooms of the establishment, under the name Dalias Suites Acapulco, were equipped with medical equipment and instruments in unsanitary conditions.

In one of the rooms, three people were taking care of a woman with breathing difficulties who was connected to an oxygen tank. There were tourists staying in the place and no health prevention measures were applied, and children and adults were having fun in the pool. State and municipal authorities decided to implement a sanitary cordon sanitaire and quarantine the hotel workers and guests to prevent the spread of coronavirus among them.

In another operation which began on Friday night and concluded early Saturday morning, the municipal government closed a restaurant in the traditional zone of Acapulco and a convenience store on the Costera Miguel Alemán avenue for not regulating the authorized capacity and opening hours. The Auto Hotel Ritz and the Krystal Beach Hotel, located in the Golden Zone of Acapulco, were also notified for exceeding the established capacity by 50 percent, an irregularity which was corrected.

Meanwhile, medical personnel of the Surgical Unit of the Hogar Moderno neighborhood, administered by the municipal government, demonstrated on Saturday morning to demand protective equipment, in view of the increase in SARS-CoV-2 cases. Workers criticized that for weeks they were not provided with masks, disinfectant gel, or masks, forcing them to buy equipment daily on their own, since the masks last for four hours and the unit also treats patients suffering from Covid-19.

They warned that three doctors and a nurse were infected by the virus. They also requested the establishment of guards so that people are not concentrated in small spaces and workers are distributed in different schedules. The state is in a yellow tier light, however, health authorities indicated that next Monday it will turn orange.

By Mexicanist, Sources: Mexican Government and Guerrero Health websites