A crocodile of approximately one meter long was found inside a vehicle agency and was secured by personnel from the Civil Protection of Guerrero, through the Regional Center for Emergency Attention of Acapulco. The lizard was reported by workers of the vehicle agency that was inside a work area, located on Las Naciones Boulevard, in the area of Acapulco Diamante.

After the report, personnel onboard unit PC-050, with four support elements, arrived at the site; immediately an operation was deployed to capture the alligator, which was secured without major problems and after being subdued was taken to the vehicle they were traveling in.

The alligator will be kept at the base of the Regional PC Center so that it can be released back into its habitat. Likewise, the authorities of the federal delegation of the Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (Profepa) will be notified so that they can coordinate the release.

Very close to Acapulco, the most important tourist destination in the state of Guerrero is located in the Barra de Coyuca, where the Pacific Ocean meets the lagoon, a place where crocodiles are found in their natural habitat. These species are seen on the beaches during times of heavy rain because when the water level rises the crocodiles are dragged by the currents and take advantage of the fact that the Barra is open to go out to saltwater attracted by dams.