The entertainment spaces of the port of Acapulco began their reopening this Monday after Guerrero switched to yellow at the traffic light that measures the risk of the coronavirus COVID-19. This Monday, the activity in bars and clubs resumed, after the epidemiological traffic light that rules the economic reactivation in Mexico dictated an improvement of the situation in this southern region of the country.

According to the official newspaper of Guerrero, nightclubs, bars, and event halls, which are open places and with the prior authorization and supervision of municipal authorities, may be opened with a capacity of 50%.

"We have been closed for about five months, managing the situation. Now, in this which is already the sixth month, we can open and we can clean up other debts that this pandemic has caused us," said on Tuesday the president of the Association of Bars, Clubs, and Restaurants of the Coast Miguel Aleman of Acapulco, Jesus Rivera Rojas.

Despite this, only about 200 bars could survive in the port of Acapulco, and it is estimated that for the moment only 10% can be reopened because they do not have an outdoor area as required. "It affected us in economic terms 100%. It affected the guild by several million pesos that somehow were not captured. And the economy fell practically to 100 %," insisted Rivera.

The mayor of Acapulco, Adela Román Ocampo, warned that she will apply fines and closures to the spaces where the established sanitary protocols are not complied with to avoid an upsurge of COVID-19 cases.

She assured that, because the color yellow (medium risk) is entered in the epidemiological traffic light, it does not mean that the pandemic in Acapulco has been overcome, so there must be extreme care.

The workers at the nightspots were among the most affected and their lives changed from one day to the next. If the nightclubs had to close their curtains again, 30% would be completely closed and the other 70% would be adrift.