Some Popular Bars for Good Drinks in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Are you craving a mojito or a Coco Loco while you're on the beach? Here are some popular bars in Acapulco, Guerrero.

Some Popular Bars for Good Drinks in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Good bars with delicious drinks to try in Acapulco.

Sun, sea, sand, and a drink with a refreshing beverage, this scenario has seduced every lover of paradisiacal life. Acapulco, Guerrero, began its boom in the 1950s, with its beautiful beaches and cliffs. To date, it is one of the favorite destinations for vacations and Easter in Mexico. Here are some of the popular bars for good drinks.

La Cabaña

La Caleta is one of the most representative beaches of Acapulco, it is in the traditional zone and is the cradle of one of the most famous drinks: the Coco Loco. It is said that this drink was invented in the palapa La Cabaña, it is a beach classic, prepared with rum, vodka or tequila, lemon, coconut cream, ice, and decorated with garlands.

For almost 80 years, La Cabaña has been refreshing the hot beachgoers, they have a wide menu, from beers, Clamato with vodka, Bloody Mary, mojitos, sangria with vodka, micheladas, wine, different liquors, and also non-alcoholic options: piña colada, natural sangria, Conga or natural coconut. To eat, in this place you will find seafood in all its styles.

La Playita Santa Lucia

La Playita Santa Lucia is a restaurant bar and beach club, a little corner in Acapulco to lie down on a deck chair while you feel the sand, listen to music, relax with a good atmosphere, and have a cold drink while enjoying the bay of Santa Lucia. The Pepirrín is its iconic drink, although you can find all kinds of options such as Baby Mango, mojitos, piña colada, or a simple cold beer that tastes great in the heat.


Specialists of mezcal cocktails, a great place in Costa Azul to have a drink with live music and party all night long. There are options such as Aguaseca beer, prepared with a touch of mezcal. Their cocktail menu is huge, there are refreshing and creative options, such as Matusalem Punch (Jamaica concentrate, grapefruit juice, orange, tangerine, and Matusalem Platinum).

Also Adelita (pineapple, basil, juice, syrup, and soda), mezcal mojito, Mezcaltonic, or Mezcal Rouge (strawberries, blackberry, orange juice, grenadine, mint, and soda). There are mezcals from Oaxaca and Guerrero, of different types, including flavors such as coconut, coffee, passion fruit, Jamaica, tamarind, blackberry, chilate, nanche, and marzipan.


"Yo-ho, yo-ho!": Barbarroja is a restaurant bar set as a sea pirate ship where you can find beautiful views of the bay to savor with a drink in hand. From a glass of white or red wine, margaritas, Gin Tonic, Vampiros, Congas, to beers, to serve with Sirloin tacos, hamburgers, Rib Eye, wings, fries, guacamole, some pasta, coconut shrimp, beer shrimp, al diablo, or a seafood grill.