8 places to escape during the long weekend


The city remains cold, the end of the year holidays are more than finished, but do not be discouraged. These are eight places to go near the CDMX this February 4 and get away from the pollution of the city.

Visit some of these places near the CDMX.
Visit some of these places near the CDMX.

Do you remember or why it is a holiday? Actually, the official day for which we have the first bridge in the year is due to the Constitution Day that is celebrated on February 5.

We know that three days are not much to get too far from the city because we also do not want you to do twelve hours on the road, but if you want to get away a little more maybe you can put it together with an extra day.

Rent a house in Tepoztlán

Whether with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your friends or your family, Tepoztlan is a magical town located an hour and a half from the very special CDMX that always has many visitors on the bridges. If you rent a house you can have a view of the Tepozteco that will make you feel in a very harmonious environment in contact with nature. You can also walk through the town and buy some crafts. Do not forget to eat at Los Colorines, one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.


Perfect for a bridge because it is located a couple of hours from Mexico City, Val'Quirico is a magical town in Tlaxcala with medieval touches that will remind you of the cobblestone streets of Italy.

Perfect to walk calmly, visit art galleries, eat the most delicious and see the most beautiful flowers.

Sayulita Festival

Take advantage of the fact that the bridge is coming soon to return to work and throw yourself into the Sayulita Festival from January 30 to February 3. There will be five days of film, music, tastings, drinks, workshops, and yoga, all this in one of the best and most bohemian beaches in Riviera Nayarit.

Hotel Matilda San Miguel de Allende

The Hotel Matilda was named by the publication Condé Nast Traveler as the best hotel in San Miguel de Allende, a colonial city that is worth visiting because it has also been awarded as the best city in the world in two consecutive years by the travel magazine Travel + Leisure. If you decide to stay a couple of nights in this hotel you will have a wonderful experience for which it will be worth paying.


A magical town located in Morelos with majestic murals in its Ex-Convent of San Juan Bautista and walls that protect recently discovered mummies.

This town is very quiet but full of history that you can even visit back and forth if you do not want to spend the night because it is a couple of hours from the city.


This small town located in the State of Mexico is a place of unparalleled beauty and surrounded by large hills to admire.

An ideal town to walk and walk and find curiosities that reflect its history. In this, you will find many hummingbirds, although mainly in small sculptures or carved in wood, because although it is land of these birds, there are not too many as before.

You can also practice sports activities such as rappel, zip line, canyoning, paragliding and mountain biking.

Visit Querétaro

If you still do not know Queretaro, do not wait any longer, this is your golden opportunity. This is a state of the Republic less than three hours from Mexico City that has much to offer. From its gastronomy, its architecture, its wines and cheeses, its panoramas. You can stay in a simple hotel in the center and walk through its streets to see its main points, and you can even schedule a hot air balloon flight or visit a vineyard at an affordable price.

Mineral del Chico

Located in the state of Hidalgo, Mineral del Chico is one of the five magical towns of this town. It is a picturesque town of mining origin surrounded by nature, with forests of pine, oyamel, oak, as well as rock formations and rivers that frame the forest. You can practice some sports and ecotourism activities or visit a mine.

You have many options near the city to choose and open the bridges of the year with a flourish. How are you going to do it?