Seven beautiful Mexican beaches that you should know

Discover the 7 paradisiacal beaches and enjoy all the natural beauty that the Mexican coasts offer you.

Seven beautiful Mexican beaches that you should know
Akumal bay, Mexico

The beach is always a good idea to take a break, so we recommend 7 Mexican beaches to enjoy a relaxing vacation, meet the natural beauty that the Mexican Republic offers in paradisiacal destinations that will awaken your traveling spirit. Venture to live and enjoy new experiences on the beautiful Mexican coasts.

Isla Mujeres

This Mayan paradise with hippie/backpacker style that shelters the Caribbean presumes crystalline waters that invite you to immerse yourself in them. Glide through its blue waters by kayak or boat, windsurf along the shores of soft sand beaches, swim with dolphins, dive with tropical fish, walk the island. In this place, you will also find alternatives to enjoy the Caribbean-style nightlife.

Isla Holbox

Holbox is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, this island is a haven of beauty and tranquillity. This place is perfect to relax, read a book, enjoy the scenery, do yoga, snorkel, in short, here the guilt of "doing nothing" is forbidden. His style is not with large hotel chain buildings, but streets adorned with street art and a simple lifestyle.


Mazunte derives from Nahuatl "maxotetia", which means "please deposit eggs here", this magical town on the Pacific coast of Oaxaca, is a semi-virgin beach dedicated to the protection of turtles. Its rustic style of constructions with wood, palms, adobe connects with nature. Its tropical landscape and free of urbanism allow you to relax in the sunsets.


After climbing 160 steps down a hill adorned with vegetation you will find this isolated bay, its waves are perfect for novice sufferers. Playa Carrizalillo is popular for its calm waves to swim and snorkel in its crystal clear waters, it is also a perfect place to lie on the golden sand while your skin takes a little color.

Barra Vieja

In the Mexican Pacific, you will find this beach, an excellent option to get away from activism on the coast of Acapulco. Barra Vieja is a virgin beach, so its waves are wild, there are no big constructions and its style is relaxed. Here you will enjoy a horseback ride or a massage, as well as reaching the Papagayo river in a four-wheel drive. The fish is a must if you visit this beach.

Celestún, Xim Xim beach

To the west of the Yucatan Peninsula, is a small fishing port, inside the Celestun reserve, is the Xim Xim beach; full of snails and shells scattered on the golden sand that adorn the landscape. Its wild purity offers one of the most colorful sunsets, fish jumping on the shore of the beach, and pelicans flying over the waves. This paradisiacal place is relaxing because of the experience of close contact with nature.


Between mountains and rock formations is Balandra, this beach with mangrove systems, cactus, dunes, archaeological remains is considered a symbol of La Paz (Baja California). Its incredible and colorful landscapes will delight your eyes, as well as going along the coast in the calm tide. For the adventurers, explore areas of protection for flora and fauna through their trails.