10 plans near Mexico City for a romantic weekend

Near Mexico City, there are plenty of destinations to take a break and spend a romantic weekend.

10 plans near Mexico City for a romantic weekend
Puebla. Image by Magdalena Maier from Pixabay

Near Mexico City, there is an infinity of destinations to give you a break and have a romantic weekend. By bus or car, these are the top 10 destinations within minutes (some within a few hours) of Mexico City. Most have spas, tourist attractions, or incredible accommodations, which you can not miss.


In Morelos, this magical town is only 1 hour and 50 minutes from Mexico City. Its main attraction is the lake where you can practice outdoor activities. We recommend you to stay at an Airbnb near the lake or at the Hacienda Vista Hermosa hotel, one of the best in the area. To eat, we recommend Raices Lake Club & Healing and the restaurant of Hotel Compania de Especias.


This other option is also in Morelos, one hour 50 minutes from Mexico City. Consider this destination if you and your partner are fans of historical and architectural tourism. It is worth visiting the old Convent of San Juan Bautista, the chapels of the area, the Coptic Orthodox temple, and the Municipal Palace.

Tlayacapan has some water parks that you may want to visit. We also recommend the Hostal de la Luz spa and consider staying there or at Casona el Encanto, Rancho Macloy Hotel Spa & Social Events, Sacred Site of Casa Isabella Hotel Boutique.

Valle de Bravo

This magical town in the State of Mexico is perfect to visit as a couple. The colonial, the lake, the mountain make Valle de Bravo a dream destination just 2 hours from Mexico City. We recommend practicing outdoor activities such as hiking and boat rides, visit one of its spas and have a romantic dinner in one of its haute cuisine restaurants. Renting a cabin on Airbnb or El Estribo. Also known are the Rodavento, Meson de Leyendas, Las Luciérnagas, and Loto Azul Hotel & Spa hotels. Reserve a table at Dipao Valle or Trattoria Toscana for Italian food, AlmaTierra for a special occasion, and have breakfast at La Michoacana.


In Aculco, State of Mexico, you can visit its waterfalls, visit the archaeological site of Huamango or walk along beautiful streets. It's about 2 hours from Mexico City. We advise you to stay at the Xani-Mui hotel or at Rancho El Molino. Remember to buy an Aculco cheese they are famous and delicious.


The city of Puebla is just over two hours from Mexico City and has much to offer if you prefer less quiet, more urban, and very folkloric destinations. Its gastronomic offer is extensive. We recommend you book for a romantic dinner at La Noria or Restauro. To stay and enjoy your spa, we highly recommend the Hotel Cartesiano Puebla. We promise that it will be an experience and its location could not be better: it is an oasis in the center of the city.

Mineral de Pozos

This destination in Guanajuato is a little further away: 3 hours from Mexico City, but it's worth it. It is one of the best-kept secrets of the State, with amazing semidesert landscapes, architectural attractions during the viceroyalty, an incredible beer spa at the Casa Diamante Boutique Hotel, and growing gastronomic options. We recommend staying at Hotel La Villa de Pozos and Posada de las Minas or some accommodation on Airbnb, we found some really beautiful and you can see them here. As for restaurants, you should visit Amatxi and try an ice cream from Estacion Gelato.

Jalpan de Serra

If you have a long weekend available, go to this magical town of Queretaro, which will change everything you thought you knew about the state. Located 5 hours from Mexico City, in Jalpan, there are sanctuaries, historical sites, and ecotourism alternatives. If they are fans of photography, they love Instagram and want to know new destinations, they have to visit the Jalpan dam. To stay, choose Casa Mateo Hotel Boutique or Hotel El Cantar del Viento.


For some, it is the new San Miguel de Allende, but in Querétaro. It is located just under 3 hours from Mexico City and each time offers more options for tourists, in addition to the Peña de Bernal. Spas, wine tastings, alleyways, the cheese and wine route, romantic dinners in vineyards, among many other activities you can experience in this magical town. The offer in Airbnb is varied, but if you prefer hotels, consider the Mirador Real Hotel, Posada Maria Bonita Hotel, or the Rancho San Jorge Boutique Hotel

Mineral del Chico

Sometimes we have misconceptions about some destinations. Hidalgo is one of those cases and you could miss one of the states with great tourist options for a romantic getaway. Two hours from Mexico City, Mineral del Chico offers various ecotourism options in the El Chico protected area. Stay in some cabins available on Airbnb or at the Hotel Paraiso.


Located two and a half hours from Mexico City, this magical town of Queretaro enjoys a great climate and a growing tourist offer. We recommend you to take a wine tour, sign up for a wine and cheese route, take advantage of the warmer weather in lodging with a pool, visit the Opala mine, take pictures in the Miguel Hidalgo square, and visit the Cheese Museum and the Wine, The Airbnb offer in Tequisquiapan is wide, and some of the best hotels are the Posada del Virrey, La Casona Tequisquiapan Hotel & Spa, and the Hotel Rio.