5 Mexican Basketball Players Featured in the NBA

5 Mexican Basketball Players Featured in the NBA
Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

The NBA may have seen more success from Mexican basketball players than from any other Latin American nation. Although there haven't been many athletes from Mexico who have competed in North America's most prestigious league, those who have will undoubtedly be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the sport of basketball.

There has never been more attention placed on the NBA than in recent weeks primarily, due to the exhilarating postseason that has just concluded. The Miami Heat stunned everyone, as they defeated the Milwaukee Bucks and the Larry O'Brien Trophy-favorite Boston Celtics to reach the NBA Finals. However, there they would meet a Nikola Jokić-inspired Denver Nuggets, who secured a maiden championship by four games to one, and according to the latest NBA finals betting odds, they’re the +450 favorite to retain their crown next season.

But when it comes to Mexicans specifically, there has been plenty of talent to make the journey north of the border. From Eduardo Najera’s ability to redefine a new era of ball movement to Horacio Llamas providing a powerful force under the hoop and Gustavo Ayón connecting with fans through his infectious enthusiasm, here are our picks for the top five Mexican Basketball Players ever featured in the NBA.

Horacio Llamas

Horacio Llamas is a Mexican basketball sensation who left an indelible mark in NBA history. He barely had four years of professional experience, but with to his extraordinary talent, he was able to join the league and become the first-ever Mexican-born player. Llamas had an impact during the 1996–97 NBA season, particularly when representing the Phoenix Suns.

Though his career was short, Llamas' legacy lives on, serving as an inspiration to upcoming generations of Mexican basketball players. His impact has touched many, both in the game and the community he represented.

Jorge Gutierrez

With his remarkable skills, Jorge Gutierrez has earned the respect and admiration of both coaches and fellow players and secured his legacy within the Mexican sports history books. Despite facing various obstacles, including not being selected in the NBA draft, he persevered and put in a considerable amount of effort to improve at his job. He continually proves his worth on the court by displaying exceptional ball handling and shooting abilities, which speaks volumes about his passion for the game.

Gustavo Ayón

Gustavo Ayón is the very definition of a baller with plenty of skills to boot. From humble beginnings in Tepic, Mexico, Ayón fought scratching and clawing his way to the top.

He's got a unique style on the court that blends height and agility perfectly. Watching him work the court is nothing short of impressive, and it's clear he gives it his all whenever he plays. He is proof that Mexican basketball has incredible talent and potential, and he shows us that with a bit of grit and determination, anything is possible.

Eduardo Nájera

Eduardo Nájera is a hoop legend with over ten seasons in the NBA under his belt. He's earned recognition as one of Mexico's all-time greats thanks to his tireless work ethic, steely attitude, and insane rebounding skills. NBA teams like the Dallas Mavericks, New Jersey Nets, and Denver Nuggets were lucky to have him on their roster. Fans adored Eduardo, too, because of his undeniable passion for the game.

But Eduardo's impact transcends the court. He's become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring basketball talent worldwide, especially in Mexico, where he's considered a hero. Eduardo Nájera's legacy is nothing short of incredible, and his story will undoubtedly motivate future generations far beyond his retirement.

Juan Toscano-Anderson

Juan Toscano-Anderson has made quite an impact in the NBA as one of the best Mexican basketball players to take the court. Born in Oakland, California to a Mexican father and African-American mother, Toscano-Anderson found his passion for basketball early on.

He sharpened his skills and sparked his passion for basketball while playing at Marquette University. After his fulfilling experience, he further honed his craft by playing professionally in Mexico, until he finally found his way to the Golden State Warriors. He is not just a remarkable athlete, but also an inspiring role model to aspiring athletes all around the world, thanks in part to his devotion to the sport and his generous work promoting activism and philanthropy off the court.


Mexican basketball players have steadily grown in reputation due to their distinct style of play. With a shared love for the sport and the courage to make their dreams come true, these five Mexican-born stars of the NBA are setting the bar for aspiring athletes all around the world. Whether it’s Horacio Llamas breaking ground for his compatriots or Eduardo Najera’s relentless hustle on both ends of the court, they have left an indelible mark on basketball culture that will be remembered forever.

From international competitions to local playground games, one thing’s certain - basketball is growing exponentially throughout Mexico and will remain as popular today as it was when these five greats entertained us in years gone by.