5 Best Places for Student Travel in Mexico

5 Best Places for Student Travel in Mexico
Photo by Marv Watson on Unsplash

Many of us have probably already been to Mexico before or only plan to visit this beautiful country. Either way, you have to take your time and consider various locations that will help to keep you inspired as you go beyond the usual places that are overfilled with tourists as you truly discover traditions and natural landscapes. Mexico is a unique land with affordable accommodation, caring people, and inspiring travel maps that will help you to connect your travels with what you are studying, thus allowing you to receive the best of both worlds and take things to another level.

5 Best Places for Student Travel in Mexico

1. Yucatán Peninsula.

While it's the most popular location, you must visit it anyway as a student, especially if you have never been to Mexico before. It's a great place to see all the best tourist locations and have fun. Contrary to popular belief, there are also cheap hotels for students where you can learn and travel simultaneously.

2. Cancun.

It's one of the most popular places for your Spring Break because the prices are lower, and you can find accommodation even when you are on a budget. They call it a Mayan Riviera. Be careful when it gets dark, and don't leave the hotel unless you find it absolutely necessary. Consider TopEssayWriting to get your school work done faster, so you can take your time and plan your trips when it's still daytime. It's always good to have a flexible schedule, so asking an expert for help is a great solution that will make your student trips one of a kind experience!

3. Isla Mujeres.

If you need some quiet and white sand beaches to have fun in the sun, it's one of the best locations. The prices are more affordable compared to the other options. It's a small island where you can finally get some peace and get together with your friends!

4. Tulum.

If you want to feel the ancient spirit and explore the Mexican ruins, it's hard to find a better destination. There are also underground cenotes that will impress you with the magnificent view. You have to take pictures, visit this page for travel apps, and make sure to add a charging device as you will wish to take snapshots of basically everything!

Don't forget to visit Playa del Carmen, which is another great location that you will love as a student.

5. Los Cabos.

If you are located on the West Coast of the United States, it's hard to pick a better destination. If you want to get more into the Mexican culture and already feel tired of your fellow Americans, you should consider San José de Cabo. Unlike Cabo San Lucas, where English is mostly understood, the other town will require Spanish language skills or approaching certified translation services online when you need to make an agreement or hire an apartment without getting into any risks. Just let the linguist know what kind of help you may require, and it will always help you to stay safe!

Don't Forget About Safety

No matter where you may be as a foreign tourist in Mexico, it's still necessary to remember about personal safety and talking to people you do not know. Always keep a bottle of water by your side and tell someone about your plans or location. Your phone may have a battery running low, which is why you have to either keep a note in Spanish along with you or learn the necessary Spanish phrases that will help you to ask for help or communicate with the locals. Although things can get rough sometimes, most people are friendly and show genuine care to help a traveler get back to the hotel or a place where one can feel safe.


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