Located on the coast of Oaxaca, between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, Zipolite is a tourist town characterized by its calm, adventurous and relaxed atmosphere. Zipolite is the perfect place to relax and do absolutely nothing. Enjoy the tranquility with a good book, a relaxing massage, and an excellent meal, just let yourself go.

Zipolite is the first beach to position itself as an authentic nudist area in Mexico. According to the story, in the '60s there was a total eclipse of the sun, and people gathered near this virgin area to observe it. While the event took place, they learned of the existence of the little paradise and decided to enjoy its waters under the influence of its hippie essence, which is naked.

How to get to Zipolite

If you leave from Mexico City, it is best to fly to the Huatulco airport (located 45 km away). Once you arrive in Huatulco, take a taxi or bus to Pochutla (the closest city to Zipolite).

Things to do in Zipolite

Although nudism is practiced all over Zipolite beach, the beach of El Alquimista is preferred by bathers to bask in nature due to its privacy. Nudism is not obligatory, however, the overly curious is seen badly. Discretion and respect is the attitude expected of visitors. Try it on the beach, without clothes, and have a moment of relaxation in which you can achieve what several nudists affirm - a release of prejudices about the body and your environment. Take the opportunity to have an even tan and the tanned skin that everyone will envy.

The beach of Zipolite is a multicolored kaleidoscope littered with tents and sticks from which hammocks sprout; surrounded by inns, rows of cabins, and small restaurants. The sun paints the Mexican Pacific with a large palette of blues and re-greens the mountains of the Sierra from the early hours of the day.

In this place of golden sand, open sea, and intense waves, it is better to have evenings of contemplation than to go for a swim because most of the year the tide is strong. Buy food and drinks in the palapas that surround Zipolite and lie down to watch its waters of blue tones. Prepare your cameras to take pictures of the stunning sunsets.


When the sun goes down the atmosphere is delicious because everything becomes more hippie and relaxed. On its main street, the only cobbled Zipolite street, you will find some little shops and many artists doing street shows. There are several places and restaurants that offer live music and among the walls rumble songs of groups like Doors, Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, and Led Zeppelin. In the palapas, the party is also good and they organize bonfires with dances and bongos.

Shambhala is a small ceremonial center located on the top of a hill of Zipolite. It is also known as the "Hill of Meditation". Here the tourists arrive to have spiritual meetings and to be in contact with nature. They organize activities with healers and healing experts.

If you are going to stay for several days in Zipolite, go to San Agustinillo, a little town located a few kilometers where you can surf and on days when the tide is not high, swim. Go to Mazunte to spend an afternoon there. In Mazunte you can find everything, restaurants, bars, hotels, and camps. Most visitors are young, resulting in a pleasant atmosphere all the time. Also, go up to Punta Cometa, the most outstanding mountain in Mexico in the South Pacific, where you go up to see incredible sunsets or discover beaches that hide between huge rocks. Also take the opportunity to visit the beaches of Puerto Angel as La Boquilla, a secret and intimate site. In this area, it is possible to practice snorkeling or kayaking.

The good thing about Zipolite is that it is very well located, so you can be in Mazunte in less than 20 minutes, you just have to take one of the buses that are on the highway, which are very cheap, and you will be close to the Center. Mexicana de la Tortuga or Punta Cometa, where you will see the best sunsets that the Pacific can offer you.

Zipolite, Oaxaca, México

While walking, it is likely that some people will come to offer group tours to see places near Zipolite aboard boats. They are recommendable tours because besides being economic they allow you to observe virgin landscapes and epic sunsets. Observe the sky because the nights are starlit.


Take surf lessons, which are quite common on the beach. You can rent boogie boards in the town and join in the fun. Also, take a boat tour or snorkel. Zipolite, and in general that area of Oaxaca, is known worldwide as a place suitable for surfing. Of course, be very careful because the sea can be very aggressive.


Zipolite is not a destination like Cancun where you can party at all hours, with a host of bars that you can attend. On the contrary, this is a place that barely has a couple of bars and not such an active nightlife. What you can find are small meetings on the beach to which you can integrate, since Zipolite has this hippie environment in which it is very easy to make contact with people of all ages.

Puerto Escondido is another important attraction in the state of Oaxaca located 66 kilometers from Mazunte, just over an hour by car. The Carrizalillo beach is where the greatest activity is concentrated. Being bigger than the rest of the destinations, the nightlife takes on greater relevance in Puerto Escondido.

Where to stay in Zipolite

In Zipolite there are no big hotels. On the whole beach, there are many palapas and small hotels. There are hotels, like The Alchemist, in which you can go to take meditation or yoga classes when it is high season.

Nude Zipolite Hotel

The bungalows overlooking the sea are one of the attractions of this Oaxacan destination. Located in the nudist beach of Zipolite, Oaxaca, the Nude will offer its guests breakfasts, lunches, and dinners where the clothes are not invited. The hotel has a couple of types of accommodation with amenities such as a terrace with a hammock, as well as rooms with a living room and a room. Nude Zipolite offers its guests relaxing massages as a couple, aromatherapy sessions, and reflexology exercises. The prices for a room for a couple start at 2 thousand pesos per night.

Zipolite, a coastal town in the Mexican Pacific is one of the privileged beaches of the Oaxacan coast, where exuberant nature mixes with a calm and unpretentious life. There are no luxury hotels, there is no roar of the latest model engines, there are no uncorked brand champagne or thunder speakers at full volume on the seashore.

Zipolite, Mexico

Other nudist beaches in Mexico

The states in Mexico that have nudist beaches and nudist hotels are Baja California Sur, Guerrero, Oaxaca, Nayarit, Quintana Roo, and Jalisco. Some resorts have spaces for the nudist activity that are closely linked with nudist associations.

One of the characteristics of nudist beaches in Mexico is that they are pristine areas, away from the most popular tourist centers, this with two purposes. One, not to disturb public order as well as the rules of places that do not accept the nudist practice. And have the necessary privacy to be more in touch with nature, which is one of the goals of the nudist philosophy.

The only nudist beach recognized officially is Zipolite, but in the country, there is no real regulation about it although for more than 40 years nudism is practiced in several areas of the country.

Near Zipolite this is the Playa del Amor, also of a nudist nature. In the same state of Oaxaca is Yerbabuena beach, in Huatulco, which is only accessible by boat. In the Quintana Roo state is Playa Naturel. And in Tulum, Azulik. Costa Coal, a few kilometers away, along with Playa Santa Fe, are two options to enjoy nudism without any problem.

In this same state, but in the area of Cancun, Playa Sonrisa is the option. In fact, in the Riviera Maya there is the famous Hidden Beach hotel in Riviera Maya, where in the middle of the Mexican Caribbean jungle, the most demanding nudists find the best of luxury in lodging and tourist services. Here the guests take off their clothes as soon as they step on the hotel reception of 42 suites, where only the staff of the hotel is dressed.

With a cost of about 500 dollars a night, dishes such as lobster and salmon as part of the menu that includes only fine drinks, children are not accepted, nor explicit sex, nor the exchange of couples, nor curious that bother others and less voyeurism or exhibitionists. The clients are, in their majority, professionals, businessmen, and executives of high purchasing power and with ages between 40 and 60 years, accustomed to frequent this type of beach with the intention of enjoying their nudity and that of others.

Also, 70 kilometers from Tepic, Nayarit, is Bahía de Matanchén where before the pirates and buccaneers rested from their journeys. Many of their hotels currently tolerate nudist practices. In Baja California Norte, the Coronado Islands offer ecotourism including nudism, which is complemented by the sight of colonies of sea lions, dolphins, and pelicans.