World in 2020: Stories to read

The volatility of bitcoin calls into question its ability to be used as a means of payment and thus its future. Financial regulators have the final say in determining the future of Facebook's virtual currency.

The Colombian singer Maluma has surprised all of his Instagram fans by sharing a new photo in which he is wearing a typical Saudi Arabian suit and his fans assure him that he looks too cute and even consider him to be the sexiest Arab in the world.

The United States is characterized by various opportunities for growth in its 50 states, and although there are no conclusive reasons that determine crime in certain areas, a common denominator is the low rate of income to the national average as well as its impact on the high rate of poverty in the place.

During these 70 years, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, China has undergone a profound change and a miracle of development unprecedented in human history. In just a few decades, China has passed a development course that has required developed countries for hundreds of years.

There are hotels that have souls. Beyond an impeccable decoration down to the last detail, impeccable attention and exclusive services, there are establishments that manage to transmit to their guests sensations that surpass the material; that make those who stay under their roof feel that the place has been a witness and part of history.