Fans of the Star Wars saga will enjoy a new space dedicated to the world of 'Star Wars' starting this May 31, at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California (USA). The 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' will transport the visitor to the remote planet of Batuu, on the border of the wild space, the unexplored region beyond all known star systems.

The match between Peña Rociera and Villafranco in the semi-finals of the Primera División Andaluza ended with a terrible pitched fight between players and fans against elements of the National Police, leaving a prisoner as a result.

The Egyptian Marshal Abdelfatá Al Sisi inaugurated on Wednesday the last of the macro projects that he wants to become the seal of his presidency: a bridge suspended over the Nile River that will connect the eastern neighborhoods of Cairo with the highway that leads to the Mediterranean coast.

Each species of the planet has a reason to exist, bees are no exception and the UN has dedicated one day of the year to raise awareness about its importance and preservation.