It is probably the oldest temple in the world: the Göbekli Tepe monumental complex in southeastern Turkey is almost 12,000 years old and marks the time when humanity was discovering the domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants, the basis for its future development.

So far in recent years, ordinary people are increasingly locked in the migratory discourse given the changing political and socio-economic situation in the world. Little by little we have learned to differentiate the words "migrants" and "refugees." Now we have to know the term "safe third country", which is in the mouth of politicians.

If you think it will only give you a chance to get to see the hotel, you are wrong. In this opportunity, Maritza Araque brings recommendations for you to organize and visit the City of the Sun in a fast and fun way. You can't miss its charms!

The smelly sargassum arrived at the tourist beaches of Florida to stay, according to the University of South Florida (USF), which this year foresees an invasion of this brown seaweed even worse than that of 2018 as long as the nutrient spill continues to the Atlantic from the coast African and South American.