The fall of the Berlin Wall occurred on November 9, 1989, was built at the height of the cold war and stood for 28 years as a symbol of division and repression in Eastern Europe and one of the most difficult moments in U.S.-Soviet relations.

The Spanish gemologist Manuel León, from Ronda (Málaga), has appraised the oldest natural pearl on record in the world, 8,000 years old, whose discovery took place last October 20 in a house on the Island of Marawah, off the coast of Abu Dhabi.

"If you combine the beaches of Hawaii, Mexico and Miami with steroids, you'll get Nazaré," U.S. surfer Garret McNamara once said, referring to Portugal's famous spa, the star of extreme surfing.

According to the World Bank Group's Doing Business 2020, the top 10 economies in the ease of doing business rankings were New Zealand (86.8 out of 100), Singapore (86.2), Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China (85.3), Denmark (85.3), Republic of Korea (84), United States (84), Georgia (83.7), United Kingdom (83.5), Norway (82.6) and...