The ban on alcoholic beverages in the United States marked 100 years since it went into effect, opening one of the most infamous chapters in U.S. history, that of the gangsters.

Spanish minority investors like dividends. The Spanish stock market was the third-largest in the world in terms of dividend yield in 2019 among the 33 largest stock market indices that make up the index provider MSCI. The dividend yield of the Continuous Market reached 4.5%, only behind the Russian and British stock markets and tied with the figure...

The volatility of bitcoin calls into question its ability to be used as a means of payment and thus its future. Financial regulators have the final say in determining the future of Facebook's virtual currency.

The Colombian singer Maluma has surprised all of his Instagram fans by sharing a new photo in which he is wearing a typical Saudi Arabian suit and his fans assure him that he looks too cute and even consider him to be the sexiest Arab in the world.