In 2018, more than 18 million 9-liter cases of Johnnie Walker were sold, making it the most consumed worldwide. In Chile, it is positioned as the most important scotch brand, with 29% of the market.

Better than us, season 2 on Netflix is a Russian science fiction series set in the near future, specifically in the year 2029. The story takes place in a city where androids serve the population in various positions, even replacing humans in some jobs.

The volatility of bitcoin calls into question its ability to be used as a means of payment and thus its future. Financial regulators have the final say in determining the future of Facebook's virtual currency.

Given that in a multi-currency and international monetary system such as the current one, the own money of the different countries and states of the world extend several functions of great importance for the global economy, it is interesting to know which are the world currencies of greater value and strength.

It is probably the oldest temple in the world: the Göbekli Tepe monumental complex in southeastern Turkey is almost 12,000 years old and marks the time when humanity was discovering the domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants, the basis for its future development.

So far in recent years, ordinary people are increasingly locked in the migratory discourse given the changing political and socio-economic situation in the world. Little by little we have learned to differentiate the words "migrants" and "refugees." Now we have to know the term "safe third country", which is in the mouth of politicians.