Every day there are clandestine parties in secret locations of this site, which are even advertised through social networks. Tourists prefer to check into the more extravagant hotel zone, lounge on beach beds during the day, and consume drugs in secret jungle parties at night.

Dua Lipa welcomed the new year in Tulum despite the COVID-19 pandemic and her images triggered strong controversy in networks. Users' opinions were divided: some were excited because the artist was in Mexico, others criticized her for taking a vacation in the middle of a contingency.

In Tulum the residential market is growing a lot because there are very attractive opportunities for investors, said Laura Quintanilla, product manager of the developer MIRA, a company that participated in the Quintana Roo Tourism Investment Summit 2020 in recent days.

One of the most shocking fights was captured on video by an amateur in Tulum, where a jaguar and a crocodile had an epic confrontation in the water, which after several minutes left the cat as the winner, who as a prize devoured the reptile demonstrating its strength, as well as skill in any type of terrain, no matter the rival....