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Merida is characterized by the generous hospitality of its peoples, tree-lined and stately avenues, world-class services, varied cuisine, nightlife, and modern facilities guarantee a lasting memory. It has a diversity of places to visit and spend a moment with the family without the need to leave the city.

The Health Services of Yucatan (SSY) confirm the presence in the state of spiders of the genus "Latrodectus" of the species "Latrodectus mactans" (black widow) and "Latrodectus geometricus" (widow) in the municipalities of Mérida and Tzucacab since 2012.

Update: From Yucatan, a global message of peace will be sent through the World Summit of the Nobel Peace Laureates, to be held from September 19 to 22, an event that will project the entity throughout the world and in which progress is already being made. in the preparations with a view to receiving people from the five continents.

The Yucatecans by nature are cheerful and warm people towards the visitors. Without a doubt, they are proud of their traditions and their roots, extolling them whenever they can, from their clothes, their dances, beliefs, language, and their gastronomy.

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