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Few destinations in Mexico offer as much variety in a single region as the Yucatan Peninsula. The days when the holidays consisted of arriving at an all-inclusive hotel and almost not going out for several days are gone, so this area is ideal for those seeking many experiences in one trip.

The cenotes and subterranean rivers are characteristic natural spaces of the Yucatan Peninsula that are formed thanks to the calcareous soil of the region, which absorbs rainwater by storing it in the subsoil and create the flooded caves that have attracted thousands of tourists every year.

The National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) will carry out the Spring Equinox Operative 2019, in the archaeological zones with the highest tourist influx in the country, from March 21 to 24, in order to promote the orderly enjoyment of the archaeological heritage of Mexico, as well as guaranteeing the conservation and respect thereof....

From Yucatan, in the Alsuco Mexico plant, coveralls, shirts, coveralls, jackets are made; they use special fabrics; free of static with quality standards for the Space Agency (NASA).

The First International Clarinet and Saxophone Festival "Clari-sax" 2019 will allow listening to talented musicians from various countries, who will offer concerts for all audiences, as well as lectures and master classes.

The improvements in the air connectivity of the state are to enhance and attract more visitors from abroad. During January, Mérida with the offer of lodging services in Yucatan had 65.6% of visitors, Valladolid 7.1%, Chichén Itzá 3%, Izamal 1.9%, and Uxmal 1.7%

Some 600 leaders and personalities from different social sectors of the five continents will be in Yucatán from December 5 to 8. They will come to participate in the 2019 edition of the World Forum of Responsible Leaders, organized by the BMW Herbert Quandt Foundation.

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