The 2020-2021 hibernation season is approaching and on September 26th the first sightings of the Monarch butterfly were made in Acuña, Coahuila. Every year they travel more than 4 thousand kilometers from the south of Canada to spend the winter shelter in the forests of Michoacan and the State of Mexico.

Veracruz is the ideal state to enjoy one of the most exciting and magical moments of your life. Can you imagine proposing marriage, getting married, celebrating your anniversary, or simply enjoying love with your partner in a Heritage City or in one of its 6 Magical Towns.

When entering Mexico from abroad you are required to comply with all the requirements requested by the Customs authorities, such as presenting a valid passport and entering with the amount of money allowed in the country, unless it is declared. Mexican authorities limit the amount of merchandise and money that can be entered without paying taxes.

An increase of 3 degrees Celsius has been registered in Cancun during the last 34 years due to the excessive growth of the urban area and the destruction of green areas; which has generated heat islands within the city, the most outstanding being the parking lots of shopping centers, synthetic fields, the airport and the residential areas such as...

Latin America, stranded by the coronavirus pandemic, has yet to take flight. But restrictions on the entry of passengers arriving by air vary greatly from country to country and are changing.

Ironman 70.3 and Ironman Cozumel were confirmed by the Cozumel authorities in September and November 2020, respectively. Organizers estimate that there will be 3,000 competitors between the two events and an economic income of over 200 million pesos (8.9 million USD).

Due to the massive amount of seaweed that has been washed up on Tulum's coasts, authorities, tourism service providers and the private sector have not been able to keep the beaches clean, despite the use of machinery to remove the seaweed.