Although Costalegre stretches only around 100 kilometers (62 miles), it is essential to prepare in order no to feel unprotected. With only one gas station at each point, as well as the shortage of ATMs, banks, car workshops, cell phone signal, as well as food and beverages, Costalegre is a destination for adventurous, cautious and brave. It is also for the vacationer decided to enjoy incredible beaches, beyond luxury or pretension, unless you decide to stay at one of the mega resorts that are hidden along the route.


On the coast time runs at its own pace and what we must not forget is patience. Not everything has its logic in this journey, only its own compass and reason. You must enjoy the Pacific weather for what it is, and unless you visit a mega resort, forget impeccable or immediate service, as well as something available when you need it.

Likewise, this trip can be very useful to forget the hectic pace of the city, adjusting the speed with which you must travel the narrow and curved road that runs along the Costalegre, crossing your path with countless low speed vehicles, distracted animals crossing the pavement, and even the occasional bump or collapse in times of water.


It is recommended to load the tank even if it is half full, depending on your destination, in one of the two gas stations on each side of the route, either Melaque or Tomatlán. On the way you can get magna, super or diesel drums, although you never know the quality of it, or if the person selling it is in your business when you pass by there. The distance between each point is not so wide, so a full tank will surely last your entire vacation.


Many of the larger hotels and restaurants, especially in the more developed tourist areas, accept debit and credit cards, but on your way you will find that much of what you need will end up getting it in small racks or tents, and in almost all cases, they only accept cash.

It is recommended to take with you enough cash for the days your vacation will last and find a good hiding place in your car or in different compartments of your luggage. Avoid staying without enjoying a taste of great vacation for not bringing enough cash with you.


Before leaving home, be sure to bring emergency numbers for your vehicle, as well as your medical insurance or family doctor. Even if you keep them in the speed dial of your cell phone, remember that in many areas of this route there is no signal, depending on the company that provides service, and looking for it, your phone may run out of battery earlier than anticipated. Also carry a Ladatel card as it is most likely that you will find many telephone booths in your path, in case you need to communicate with someone.


Increasingly, the sun has harmful effects on our skin. Do not forget to take a sunscreen, hat and preferably, even an umbrella, so that it does not depend on the availability of shade that may be on the beach of your choice.

After swimming, apply sunscreen again. We recommend, if you travel for many days, take the sun from less to more so that your skin is adjusted to the exposure and not hurt on the first day, preventing you from enjoying your vacation.


Remember that the coast is home to many insects, especially in the rainy season do not stop peeping among the most unlikely nooks.

If you are one of those who do not like, let alone cockroaches and spiders, but also of unidentified flying and buzzing objects, take with you repellent, long pants and fresh shirts, and even tights to cover yourself while you sleep.

If you are staying overnight in open spaces, do not forget to keep any food well before falling asleep, and preferably, place it in a place far from where you are.

Also, always wear some shoes when you get up at night, lest you run into a distracted scorpion on a half-floor.

If you will stay at a hotel, ask when you arrive how much care you should take with poisonous insects, especially if you are traveling with small children, as well as if they have the proper antidote.

Before going for a swim

The currents, waves and depth of the beach, as well as its temperature, vary constantly.

Before swimming, observe the rhythm of the waves, the force with which they thunder, and if you notice any current the color of the water becomes darker, and you can see water channels in the opposite direction to the waves, so when you immerse you will have a safer bath.

If you notice that when you start swimming the sea pulls you in force, and you can not step on the ground properly, we recommend you take a visual point on the beach as a reference and adjust your position constantly to stay in the same area. Before swimming, always notify someone that you will enter the water. No matter how old you are, it is better for a person from the ground to keep an eye from time to time.

Bad water or stings

Depending on the season, there are three sharp species in the water.

One is the gelatinous jellyfish of transparent blue and purple colors that tend to rest on the water's edge and can catch you off guard when you're walking on sand. They can be distinguished because they reflect the rays of the sun.

Another species are called aguamalas also, but whose shape varies by having strands or threads that can hurt much more if they get entangled. In case this happens, take them with your hand, even if it hurts, remove them from your body and leave the sea immediately.

A third species, and the most beautiful of all, is the ray, relative of the manta rays, and that with its same shape and grayish color one gets to see jumping on the horizon. If you distinguish them from a distance, there will surely be more of them on the shore, because they like to rest close to the sea floor in shallow waters. These only sting if you step on them from above, so if you walk with a shuffle, even if you touch them, they will not hurt you.


If you travel by car do not forget to avoid leaving valuables in sight when you park your car, and preferably find a busy place to do so as well as shading.

The coast is a place that outside of holiday periods is very solitary and although it is not dangerous, it is recommended to be alert and take extreme precautions if you are in remote places, as well as not show off your valuables.