Beginning September 15, the period of rains and hurricanes formally began, and it is predicted that during the remainder of the month there will be rains in the evenings-nights in a more consecutive manner, but October and November are the two months in which the probability of a flood becomes a latent threat.

With 4,000 flights a year, the industry of hot air balloon ascents has gradually consolidated in the taste of travelers and passers-by who visit Teotihuacan and San Martin de las Pirámides, Mexican municipalities that share the nomination of Magic Town since 2015.

In Mexico, there are places sculpted by nature that will steal your breath, even some of them have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. From a pink lagoon to a natural basement where you can watch millions of birds in a synchronized flight.

There are several options to live in Mexico City due to its size. However, some areas offer a better quality of life, which is why they are favored by their inhabitants and therefore the most sought after to live.

Mixcoac, "the place where the cloud serpent is venerated", is a Mexica affiliation site, which reached its apogee in the post-classic period, between 900 and 1521 AD. The settlement was located on the shores of Lake Texcoco and was governed by the authorities of the Great Tenochtitlan. The archeological zone is located in the San Pedro de los Pinos...

The cenotes in Yucatan offer the opportunity to live an adventure and enjoy the sensation of feeling the body floating in the crystalline water, achieving a connection with the magic of the Mayan culture.