Thick sargassum carpet covers the Tamaulipas coastline since yesterday, representing a natural phenomenon that if not attended to as soon as it retires would represent an image and sanitary problem for the most important tourist area in the northeast of Mexico.

La Ventana has become one of the best destinations in the world for the practice of kitesurfing, thanks to the fact that during the 1980s a group of windsurfers discovered that because the wind hits on the side, the beach creates a natural tunnel that facilitates the practice of kitesurfing.

The Magic Town of Parras de la Fuente achieves a strong international projection, being included in the Top 10 of the places in Mexico in the magazine "Excelencias Turísticas del Caribe y las Américas", in its 169th edition.

The situations of violence that are taking place in Mexico are often related to confrontations between criminal organizations, or of these against the Army and the Mexican public order forces, within the framework of the fight against drug trafficking maintained by the Government of Mexico. Under the umbrella of organized crime, other types of...