When you think of a tourist destination for vacation, invariably you think of the beach, there are very popular and crowded places in Mexico that enjoy the influx of visitors, but there are other states in the country like Tamaulipas that hold many surprises for travelers and are an excellent choice for its variety of climates and enigmatic sites.

The mayor of Benito Juarez, Mara Lezama Espinosa, announced through social networks the cancellation of the Cancun Carnival 2021 and took the opportunity to call not to lower our guard against COVID-19.

Every day there are clandestine parties in secret locations of this site, which are even advertised through social networks. Tourists prefer to check into the more extravagant hotel zone, lounge on beach beds during the day, and consume drugs in secret jungle parties at night.

A unique region, with important natural reserves, beaches, deserts, valleys, and forest destinations. Baja California is the territory of adventure, rest, fun, innovation in gastronomy, capital of the production of artisan beer, and the land of the Mexican wine; an ideal atmosphere for romance.

The number of American travelers to Mexico will increase in the first fortnight of January; Cancun and Mexico City are the favorite destinations. Because Mexico does not require PCR testing of U.S. travelers for entry, it is anticipated that their numbers will increase in the first half of January 2021.

Snow is the result of a meteorological phenomenon that consists of the fall of small ice crystals, adopting geometric shapes, and grouping them into flakes. It is water vapor exposed to a high deposition in the atmosphere, at a temperature below 0 °C and which subsequently falls to the earth.

Dua Lipa welcomed the new year in Tulum despite the COVID-19 pandemic and her images triggered strong controversy in networks. Users' opinions were divided: some were excited because the artist was in Mexico, others criticized her for taking a vacation in the middle of a contingency.

This guide contains information about the tourist attractions, history, and cultural patrimony of the state of Coahuila, in which stands out its Historical Center, the industrial city of Monclova and the region of Cuatrociénegas, among others.