If you are one of those who every morning think: "Today I'm really starting to do sport", but the days go by and you don't go to the gym because there's no time, or you don't run because your knees don't work anymore, maybe swimming is the option you're looking for.

Chivas, one of Mexico's two most popular soccer teams, plans to be a long-term talent generator for eSports players, Dario Perez Real, the Red-White institution's general director, told Efe.

On several occasions, the NBA office in Mexico has externalized its desire to have a G League team in the country. All the signs are that the wishes have become plans and the proposal is on the table.

Former Barcelona and Queretaro forward Ronaldinho confirmed that on 11 December he will hold a friendly match between his 'friends' and Estrellas de México on the pitch of the Estadio Andrés Quintana Roo.