Being in the Champions League is a dream for every player who plays in Europe and some Mexicans have already had the privilege of playing this competition in several seasons, others have stayed on the road in the previous qualifying stages and only one has been champion, Rafa Márquez with Barcelona twice.

WWE has announced during the issue of Money in The Bank 2019 that a new championship will be presented in the next edition of Monday Night RAW.

The Grand Prix of Mexico will end its third stage in the country this 2019 after the federal, local and Inter-American Entertainment Corporation (CIE) did not reach an agreement to renew their contract with Liberty Media, owner of Formula 1, said sources to ESPN.

A little less than a year ago, in August 2018, Mexico reached a historic goal, ranking as the sixth most visited nation in the world. Now, Mexico stands out as the sixth most football fan of the entire planet.

YouTube and Major League Baseball (MLB) today announced, for the first time in history, an association to broadcast MLB games on YouTube during the second half of the regular season.