The rise and great success of eSports in Latin America is due to the fact that these electronic sports cease to be a hobby and have become one of the largest spaces of competition accompanied by their monumental transmissions in the world.

In 2016 Mexico became the first country where Nissan Kicks was incorporated to the offer of products of the assembler, and in a short time has become one of the favorite cars of the public not only in the country, but throughout Latin America.

The first franchise of an NBA basketball team in Latin America may be in Mexico, announced Brazil's Arnon de Mello, general manager of the region, considering that the National Basketball Association is doing very well in Latin America.

When Michael Jordan decided to venture into the tequila business, he may well have applied a fairly simple strategy. He would have just put his name on the label and autographed a few bottles to sell out in a matter of hours, no matter if the agave distillate tasted good.