The tax applied to sweetened beverages in Mexico is a "tax on the poor" and has not met its goal of reducing consumption, nor is there clarity on the destination of the funds collected, said the association of bottlers in the country.

The increase of the population and the deterioration of the cultivation zones will force that the controlled agriculture as the vertical farms, is a solution to provide food in the cities of Latin America, said this Tuesday Gary Stutte, expert in space cultures of the Aeronautical Agency and the Space of the United States (NASA).

The presence of contaminants in Mexico's water increased the rate of hospitalization linked to diarrhea by 7 to 12 percent. This, in turn, is associated with increased spending on health (a 22 percent increase), especially among households in 30 percent of the population with lower incomes, the World Bank reported.

So far this year, cases of dengue have tripled. According to the Secretariat of Health, until the first half of August, this year has registered 4,405 cases of the disease when in the same period last year there were 1,120.

On average 51 women are sexually assaulted per day in Mexico, according to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP). A figure that recently began to become visible in Mexican society and now causes panic among locals and foreigners.