In response to the forecast by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Colorado State University (CSU) regarding the number of cyclones expected this year, the director of the State Civil Protection Coordination (Procivy), Jesús Enrique Alcocer Basto, said that preparations for the hurricane season in the Yucatan are continuing.

The number of new forest fires has risen to 77 in several areas of Mexico, but they do not represent a danger to the population, officials said.

If the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador approves it and grants the required budget, Mexico could see the start of the National Virology Center until 2023 to confront, with coordinated scientific and technological development, epidemics like Covid-19, said researcher Carlos Arias Ortiz, who is promoting the National Research and...

At the dawn of space exploration, it was hard for ordinary people to believe that there was water outside our planet, something that caused uneasiness and fantasy expectations linked to our feelings of loneliness in the cosmos.