Every day, 5.5 million users travel through the 12 lines of the Mexico City Metro, carrying and bringing with them an unimaginable number of invisible passengers that are exchanged by breathing, talking, coughing, sneezing, and physical contact.

Ventura Ramírez, a science teacher in the area of seismic engineering, says in an interview that the entire state of Colima is in a zone of very high seismic danger, because the oceanic plates of Cocos and Rivera are sinking under the North American continental plate along the Mesoamerican trench and forming subduction zones where many earthquakes...

An earthquake of7.5 degrees on the Richter scale was recorded this morning throughout Mexico, causing fear and the evacuation of buildings in the country's main cities. The telluric movement had its epicenter in the state of Oaxaca at 10:29 am, local time. "Preliminary: SISMO Magnitude of 7.5 Loc. 12 km Southeast of CRUCECITA, OAX 23/06/2020...

Without a doubt, pitahaya, the yellow dragon fruit is the best in the world. The product has gained worldwide recognition, not only for its unbeatable taste so far, but also for its laxative and vitaminic power (antioxidants, fibers, vitamin C).,

In response to the forecast by the Department of Atmospheric Sciences of Colorado State University (CSU) regarding the number of cyclones expected this year, the director of the State Civil Protection Coordination (Procivy), Jesús Enrique Alcocer Basto, said that preparations for the hurricane season in the Yucatan are continuing.

The number of new forest fires has risen to 77 in several areas of Mexico, but they do not represent a danger to the population, officials said.