Its scientific name is Panthera onca. Its common name, jaguar, which in Tupi-Guarani language means "the one who hunts in one jump". The Spanish at the time of the conquest called it tiger by association with the Asian feline they knew; this name has persisted to date in many places in Mexico.

Mazatlán has recorded the first case of coronavirus, announced Sinaloa Health Secretary Efrén Encinas Torres. There are already seven in the state: in Culiacán, five, one in Los Mochis and one in Mazatlan.

The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 caused by coronavirus causes stress and anxiety to many. Fear and anxiety can trigger strong emotions in both adults and children. Reducing intentional stress can be beneficial to yourself, those around you, and society as a whole.

They are essential for cooking, but do you really know the oil you use? Using vegetable oil for cooking is a common practice today, however, not everyone can withstand high temperatures and where the "smoke point" takes importance.

Harmful alcohol consumption is a "serious public health problem" in Mexico, and is "far from being resolved, if international recommendations that have proven to be cost-effective are not implemented," states the Civil Society Report on Harmful Alcohol Consumption.

Without a doubt, the yellow dragon fruit is the best in the world and is produced by Ecuador. Whether in Morona Santiago, Pastaza, Los Ríos or Guayas, the product has gained worldwide recognition, not only for its unbeatable taste so far, but also for its laxative and vitaminic power (antioxidants, fibers, vitamin C).