To the southwest of Mexico is Playa del Carmen, a unique place in the Riviera Maya. It is undoubtedly one of the destinations always present in the list of essentials of those who love to travel, a place where the sun and the beach come together with nature and culture.

The majority of the beaches in the Playa del Carmen shine in all their splendor without the presence of the sargassum, which in some cases has disappeared and in others decreased considerably, with very little left.

Las Coloradas in Yucatan is one of the most attractive places in the state. More and more people want to know about this place, but there are no hotels in this area. You can get there by public transport from Valladolid, the closest Magical Town. From Cancun, you have to change buses in Tizimín.

The rapist used a false identity which prevented him from being located and detained. Now he will be transferred to Mexico City to be delivered to the authorities of the United States.