In Solidaridad, which hosts the resort city of Playa del Carmen, the number of positive cases of coronavirus totals 1,830 people, of whom 217 have died and 1,192 have recovered. The destination remains in the yellow phase, which allows activities at an average of 60 percent capacity.

A woman from New Zealand reported that she was raped by three men in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. According to local media, the 38-year-old foreign woman was hospitalized after being raped by three men in the municipality of Solidaridad (where Playa del Carmen is located).

In order to minimize the impact of the seaweed recharge, Playa del Carmen focuses on three main areas: the collection of sargassum in line with the beaches, the installation of a 2.5 km retaining and redirecting barrier, as well as the two harvester barges with a minimum capacity of 200 tons per day, which are assisted by two barges that...

The Secretariat of Municipal Public Services reported the removal of the absorption wells, where they managed to remove more than two tons of organic waste, as part of the prevention tasks for the hurricane season.

One of the destinations that has positioned itself among the tourist places and investment in real estate par excellence is Playa del Carmen. These are some of its characteristics.