The best Mexico City restaurants 

In Mexico City, there are options of gourmet restaurants that show off the Mexican culinary heritage and others that even deconstruct the technique of traditional preparation to propose new ways of tasting a typical dish. There are also many restaurants devoted to international cuisine. These are the 10 best restaurants in Mexico City.

Los Danzantes

With sustainable seafood and vegetables from the chinampas in Xochimilco and the organic garden of the restaurant in Tepoztlán, chef Omar Díaz set out to create a quintet of options that accommodate the queen clam and hedgehog of Ensenada and a feast of tuna, crab, shrimp, jack mackerel or bass. Where: Centennial Park 12. Coyoacán


In the Plaza Rio de Janeiro, on Colima Street in the North Rome is this restaurant run by the chef Elena Reygadas, whose menu of Italian cuisine changes permanently according to the availability of products. The establishment is in an elegant romantic house.

Dulce Patria

The Mexican pink and the flavors of the food of the grandmother are the protagonists of this gourmet kitchen. The dishes were created by chef Martha Ortiz. Although there are several Mexican restaurants, Dulce Patria is distinguished by the elegance of the dish. Its menu includes creative cocktails.


In the street of Durango in North Rome is this restaurant where their dishes are made up of seasonal seafood and sea fruits. The safety in the cooking and states of the ingredients are a constant in Contramar. Their desserts are also made with fresh ingredients.

Arango, the kitchen of roots

It is a terrace in the Tabacalera neighborhood where food is served with Puebla influence and also has an unbeatable view towards the Monument of the Revolution. The person in charge of the menu is the chef Alejandro Cuatepotzo, who was trained with Óscar Rito and Enrique Olvera. Cuatepotzo is from Puebla and hence the influences on the dishes served at Arango; however, there are also flavors of the Yucatan peninsula and Baja California, states where Alejandro lived.


It is located in Polanco, it is led by Jorge Vallejo in the kitchen and Alejandra Flores in the room, together they offer food and first quality service. Its gastronomic proposal focuses on expressing the flavors and techniques of contemporary Mexican cuisine. The restaurant was included in the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World in 2015, produced in the United Kingdom.

De Mar a Mar

A creative kitchen team headed by chef Eduardo García went to work to offer a ceviche showcase - one Vallarta style and the other Acapulco style. Also a ceviche of yellowfin tuna and one more with the catch of the day and the green nuances of avocado and citrus. Where: Nice 13th corner with Oslo, Juarez

Carmela & Sal

This restaurant is as peculiar as the food it offers. This is possibly due to the Tabasco origin of its chef and founder Gabriela Ruiz. The name of the place reflects, in the first place, the creativity typical of Tabasco cuisine. Salt, an ingredient that is your secret weapon in the kitchen. It is responsible for filling the gaps and ensuring the explosion of flavors that each dish offers. Its menu includes essential entries such as the toasts of lies made from coconut. As well as, the macho banana stuffed with beans and pork rinds. As for the fish, you can taste typical Tabascan dishes like sea bass in a pipián bed. If you prefer pork, piglet is ideal. An excellent sample of the desserts is the banana with dulce de leche and mounted cream. It also offers a varied cocktail repertoire and an interesting wine list.

Aitana Restaurant

The chef of the house, Víctor Morales, proposes five dishes designed to take the center of the table and share. Among them, a tuna tartare with avocado ointment and nori crystals, and a fish with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables as garnish. You can also choose a ceviche of the day with an original fusion of flavors. Where: Calle Pedregal 24. Torre Virreyes. Hills of Chapultepec


Enrique Olvera is the owner and chef of this restaurant that is one of the pioneers of contemporary Mexican cuisine. It has been cataloged as the best restaurant in the country in rankings such as the 50 best in the world, opened its doors in 2000 and is distinguished by experimenting in the preparation of typical Mexican dishes. The establishment is in Tennyson 133, Polanco.

Máximo Bistrot Local

It is a restaurant that supports national products, so its menu changes depending on the available ingredients. Eduardo García is the chef in charge of this place to eat located in Tonalá 133 Colonia Roma. You need to book to find a place.

Sud 777

South of Mexico City, in Jardines del Pedregal. It is an author's place of cuisine, the menu was created by chef Edgar Núñez with wide options of dishes from international cuisine that includes meats, kinds of pasta and seafood. The design of the place is avant-garde.

Azul Histórico

This restaurant is led by Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, considered one of the 12 best chefs in Mexico. Its gastronomic offer deals with different tastes and flavors of the Mexican culture, among them the one from Tabasco. It is characterized for being one of the establishments with the best value for money. In this sense, its purpose is to offer an accessible menu that allows anyone who wants to enjoy the great Mexican cuisine. In their mission to highlight Mexican food, month after month they celebrate a festival dedicated to an ingredient of their cuisine. Some of those carried out in the past have been dedicated to vegetables such as mushrooms, huitlacoche and chili en nogada. Given the nature of these components, the presence of tasty and colorful Tabasco preparations is frequent. Also every year, a festival dedicated only to Tabasco food is held. Among its most famous dishes are the tikin xic fish, venison and white pipian salpicón. As well as, one of the most representative dishes of Tabasco, the pejelagarto. Other delicacies present in the Blue menu are the stew tongue, tamale de chaya and mone de róbalo. As for the desserts, the most demanded are the snowed glass and the dulce de oreja mico. These can be accompanied by coconut water, horchata or jamaica water. The restaurant is in the old house of Francisco Sergio Iturbide, patron of Mexican art of the twentieth century, in Isabella Católica 30, Centro Histórico.

Market Gourmet Café

Its menu combines five gastronomies - Mexican, Italian, Argentine, Nikkei and healthy, but from each one, it takes the representative dishes to give the client a light experience. This restaurant is inside the Hotel Marquis, in Reforma and the most popular options are the Neapolitan four-cheese pizza fresh out of the oven and the beef neck tacos since in this place the meat is cooked for 24 hours and served on a blue corn tortilla with guacamole.

Mexican cuisine and its tradition in the preparation of each dish distinguish Mexico as one of the countries whose gastronomy is considered Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) since 2010.

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Nacional 6, a menu of author Mexican cuisine

With the most impressive terrace of Avenida La Paz in San Ángel and, a menu of author Mexican cuisine, chef Victor Lobato conjugates in Nacional 6, factors that make this restaurant an unforgettable visit.

A duck magret with plum mole, a French steak with yellow and even a lamb bathed in jalapeño pepper jelly are some of the proposals that Víctor Lobato has installed in his menu, which is based on various Mexican chiles and demonstrates mastery with which Nacional 6 plays with typical ingredients and culinary technique.

In the heart of San Ángel, this restaurant, serves generous portions, cares about offering aesthetic presentations and seeks to be responsible not only with its guests but also with the raw materials and the producers who supply it daily. fresh vegetables, as well as an endemic ingredient,  to continue with its menu, which is a tribute to several regions of our country.

Surrounded by greenery and a huge skylight, the terrace is the ideal place for long after-hours, pre-doping and even, for its versatility, the anteroom to close business during the week. While, during the weekends, it is perfect to take the children and spend an afternoon with the family sharing a dish Frida, which consists of a series of Mexican snacks or a cheese board.

Now that if you are looking for a more intimate and romantic place, booking in the lounge is the most convenient, since it maintains a formal atmosphere, with soft lights and an exceptional cellar, as well as seasonal cocktails and, of course, the classics.

Sylvestre, regional Mexican cuisine with delicious Argentinian cuts

Sylvestre, Hunan Group restaurant, opened its third branch this time in the south of the city to offer diners a great dining experience.

One aspect that undoubtedly draws the attention of this restaurant is the impressive grill located in the lounge of the restaurant where each diner can see how his court is cooked to perfection to captivate the palate.

At the moment of putting one foot inside and crossing the revolving door you can see a proposal of architecture with personality in which the design and spaces are cozy, it has two spaces: interior and terrace, which has a warm natural light, both are very beautiful and invite you to have a good time.

One aspect that undoubtedly draws attention is the imposing grill located in the lounge of the restaurant where each diner can see how his court is cooked to perfection to captivate the palate. It also has a glass cava with Mexican, Argentine, French and Spanish wines mainly and a beautiful bar made with a handle of mango over 150 years old rescued from a sawmill in Veracruz.

Regarding the food one can find two proposals: the contemporary regional Mexican with dishes such as Panuchos Yucateco, Chalupas de Plátano Macho with Tinga de Res or Tacos de Jabalí on the embers of the asado, among others; and Traditional Argentine cuisine with cuts of meat such as Bife de Chorizo ​​or the variety of empanadas; what makes this a place one with good options to eat.

The recommendation is to try the shrimp taco with beans, avocado and lettuce, the empanada humita that has cheese and corn and Argentine sausage, this way you have two types of cuisine that create a delicious mix of flavors. The soufflé fries could seem like a very simple garnish but they have a flavor that charms the diners so they are a perfect option.

There is always room for dessert and in this place, the recommendation is the classic alfajores, in this place they are thin to the most traditional Argentine style; and the guanábana cheesecake, a fresh dessert to close with a delicious meal.

Everything can be accompanied with a glass of wine or a cocktail as the mixology of the restaurant stands out, one of the ones to try is the one named after the place: Sylvestre, inspired by the novel El Crimen de Sylvestre Bonnard, which has a smoky touch with cinnamon essence.

Hours: Monday through Wednesday from 1:30 pm to 11 pm. Thursday to Saturday from 1:30 pm to 1:30 am; Sunday from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Address: Artz Pedregal Shopping Center, PB. Periférico Sur No. 3720. Jardines del Pedregal, Mexico City, CP 01900

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