The best bars in Mexico City

A number of bars in Mexico City have earned places in the list of the 50 best bars in the world. These are the best bars in Mexico City.

Fifty Mils

It is part of the Four Seasons hotel, located in one of the most expensive avenues of Mexico City. The bar entered the list of the 50 best bars in the world in 2018, a ranking prepared by William Reed Business Media. The cocktails of the house are created by the mixologist Mica Rousseau, winner of World Class Mexico as the best bartender in Mexico.

Hanky Panky

Its name takes up the name of a drink created by Ada "Coley" in the bar of the luxurious Savoy hotel in London, which in turn refers to the flirtation between a couple. The entrance of the place is hidden, the people who go there pretend to enter a bathroom and can only do it by invitation or membership. The menu is full of drinks that were created by renowned mixologists, such as Ricardo Sandoval de Limantur and Philippe Zaigue de Artemisa. The exact location can only be known by word of mouth.

Blanco Castelar

It is a classic luxury restaurant and bar in a house built in 1939 of Californian style with ornamentation of Novohispana influence located in Emilio Castelar 163, Polanco. The terrace overlooks Lincoln Park. The bar is on the top floor, has a retractable roof that allows you to have a view of the sky and in the evening entertain a DJ.


It is named after one of the islands that make up the Galapagos. It is a bar that stands out for its cocktails, the label of its bottles, space is an intimate corner with dim lighting, armchairs as seats and marine decoration. The menu consists of eight cocktails that combine according to the season, do not use as much fruit and instead experiment with techniques based on cocktail families. The place is in Iztaccíhuatl 36D, Condesa.

Taberna luciferina

Its most exotic drink is the Tarantula, a drink that numbs the lips after the first sip. In addition to their cocktail menu, they have rustic food dishes that serve in generous portions to share. The place is settled in a Porfirian house in the Juarez neighborhood, a vestige of the aristocratic mansions of the early twentieth century.

Licorería Limantour

It is located in Colonia Roma Norte on Álvaro Obregón avenue. It ranks number 11 in the ranking of the 50 best bars in the world since 2014. According to the list, in Limantour you can have extravagant and colorful cocktails. It is known for its signature cocktails.

Gin Gin

It is a place that worships the gin and tonic in the heart of the Roma neighborhood, although they already have branches in Polanco, Santa Fe, and Interlomas. It combines a menu of digestive and refreshing cocktails and music that puts the atmosphere of the place. The first subsidiary is in Oaxaca 87, Rome.

La Xampa

This place in Condesa Racetrack is known for its champagne labels and sparkling wine, its director of mixology is Arnold García. It is also famous for its gourmet dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine. It depends on the day, there is live music from jazz to DJ.

Jules Basement

Admission is only by list or by reservation (Photo: courtesy)The interesting thing about this bar is its decoration and exclusivity. It is located at 93 Verne Street, Polanco. Admission is only by list or by reservation and entry is through a refrigerator. The mixology and its decoration with industrial dyes is its attraction. On Tuesday there is live jazz music and on blues Wednesday.

Terraza Domingo Santo

In the Historic Center is located this terrace which you access through a boutique hotel of the same name. Its viceregal design, mixology, and infusions with endemic ingredients make it a pleasant place to have a drink and chat. The terrace offers a view of the Plaza Santo Domingo.