Since its discovery 7 thousand years ago, the planting of this type of crop is vital in feeding the world's population. Even though rice is not a Mexican crop, it has been accepted as one of the main ingredients within its gastronomy, giving the dishes peculiar and unique flavors that have placed Mexican cuisine among the best worldwide.

The tlayuda is a little craving for authenticity in Mexico. Its base, like many typical Mexican dishes, is corn, can be made with tasajo, whole or in pieces, chorizo and quesillo, cabbage, hoja santa, chepiche, chapulines, avocado, jitomete and various sauces or chile de agua slices.

The consumption of pork has been stigmatized to the extent that the misinformation generated by popular wisdom recommends avoiding its intake. However, scientific evidence indicates that this ignorance causes us to miss out on an excellent nutritional source of animal origin.

Tortillas made by hand from native varieties of blue corn have significantly higher nutritional and bioactive compound content than those produced commercially from industrialized flours, a study by the Food and Development Research Center, and the National Autonomous University of Mexico found.

We are interested, on this occasion, in focusing on the flowers that we can consume as food, either as a main ingredient or as a condiment. Many of the recipes with flowers are the heritage of different cultures around the world, others are the product of human appropriation in Mexico.

Nowadays the consumption of sugars or foods rich in them has been stigmatized because of their direct association with diseases such as diabetes and obesity. For that reason, in the last two decades sweeteners have gained popularity as a healthier option in the diet, but are they really?

One of the biggest challenges for a person who has decided to adopt healthier eating habits, whether it is by completely changing their diet, gradually integrating natural and whole foods or starting to cut down on "junk food", is to supplement their diet with healthier snacks. Today we offer you an excellent option: nuts.

Popularly known as the green gold, the avocado is a source of pride for Mexico, since the country is the world's leading producer, with about one million tons per year.

We live surrounded by commercial advertising that highlights the presence of probiotics in certain foods, particularly in dairy products such as yogurt. But what are probiotics and what are the benefits of including them in the diet? Alfonso García Galaz, a research professor at the Food and Development Research Centre (CIAD), helps us to...