Merida is characterized by the generous hospitality of its peoples, tree-lined and stately avenues, world-class services, varied cuisine, nightlife, and modern facilities guarantee a lasting memory. It has a diversity of places to visit and spend a moment with the family without the need to leave the city.

Nowadays Merida is an important tourist spot in Mexico, with plenty of fun activities to do such as with a cultural offer, beaches, adventures, and even casinos, which includes the online casino in which visitors want to play since online gambling is legal in Mexico.

Mérida is in the sights of tourists from all over the world, as Skyscanner, one of the most used platforms by travelers to plan their vacations, announced that the city registered an increase in search of 40 percent, which places it in the 12th place among the most wanted destinations to visit this year.

The Health Services of Yucatan (SSY) confirm the presence in the state of spiders of the genus "Latrodectus" of the species "Latrodectus mactans" (black widow) and "Latrodectus geometricus" (widow) in the municipalities of Mérida and Tzucacab since 2012.