Mazatlan is located in the state of Sinaloa, a city that has recently experienced a great boom as a tourist destination thanks to its extensive beaches.

Mazatlan is visited by tourists from all over the world due to its recognition as a beautiful beach, with a great gastronomic variety and fun no matter when you decide to go.
Mazatlan is visited by tourists from all over the world due to its recognition as a beautiful beach, with a great gastronomic variety and fun no matter when you decide to go.

In fact, 21 km (13 miles) in length is what comprises the union of the different beaches that border the city's boardwalk. It is not surprising, therefore, that it has a good hotel offer in which accommodations such as Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán in the Golden Zone of the city stand out.

However, Mazatlan stands out for something more than its beaches, as it has an impressive architectural wealth where you can find monuments dating back to the nineteenth century.

In addition, there is an excellent climate, gastronomy with typical dishes that delight the senses and numerous cultural and sports activities. It must be borne in mind that some of the various activities offered by the city can only be enjoyed at certain times of the year, but there are not a few who return year after year after year to try to discover all the wonders that are in it.

Such is its charm that the Pearl of the Pacific, as it is popularly known, has been recognized as the best destination to visit in the category Mexico and Central America by the World Travel Awards.

The first stop on any route or visit to Mazatlan should be its famous historic center with buildings of neoclassical style and French baroque style, which give a unique beauty to the entire architectural complex.

Among the most emblematic places in this area of the city are the Peralto Theater and the basilica of the Immaculate Conception. The latter finished in 1899 with Gothic and Neo-Gothic tendencies, being the main Catholic temple of Mazatlán.

Of course, you can not miss its landscaped squares where you can stop to rest from the walk. The oldest one is the Plazuela de Machado, which dates back to 1837.

You should also visit the Plazuela República, the most popular in the area because it is surrounded by the cathedral, the municipal palace, and the old Post and Telegraph buildings. Without forgetting the Plazuela Hidalgo, the Plazuela de los Leones, and the Plazuela Zaragoza.

The Mazatlán Aquarium is another must-see during your stay in the city, as it is now the largest in Latin America and home to a wide variety of marine species. It also has a palapa for celebrations, and the possibility of swimming with sharks, sea lions and manta rays. However, we cannot forget the Malecón and its beautiful beaches.

It is the largest Malecon in Mexico with 21 km in length, from which you can enjoy spectacular beaches, street art, and establishments where you can taste typical food. In addition, there are several monuments such as the one erected to the singer Pedro, the Shield of the State of Sinaloa or El Venado.

On the other hand, among the most popular beaches are Olas Altas, Isla Venados, Isla de La Piedra and Playa Gaviotas. The latter is specifically located in Zona Dorada, one of the main neighborhoods where hotels are located in Mazatlán Sinaloa and that allows you to enjoy the practice of water sports such as surfing.


Mazatlan's 5 must-see activities include culture, extreme activities, art, beach, and adventure.

Must-see Places In Mazatlán. Photo: Dónde Ir
Must-see Places In Mazatlán. Photo: Dónde Ir

Mazatlan, Sinaloa is the perfect dose of beach, fun experiences, art, refreshing drinks, and a good vibe, in a relaxed atmosphere of baroque architecture. La Perla del Pacifico is one of the favorite vacation destinations.

Ángela Peralta Theater

In the historic center of Mazatlan on the picturesque street of "Carnival" is one of the most beautiful venues in the country, the Teatro Angela Peralta has modern sound systems and lighting that promise quality in the shows it presents.

Thanks to its architectural beauty and its recognition as Historical Patrimony of the Nation, it is the venue of the most important artistic and cultural events of the City.

Teodoro Mariscal Stadium

Visit the home of the Mazatlan Deer (a baseball team that participates in the Mexican Pacific League) and enjoy a fun baseball game in the company of your friends.

Get to know the new venue, with a capacity for 16,000 spectators and accompany the game with delicious sandwiches, as well as refreshing drinks. If you want a more exclusive experience, visit "El mil Amores" a canteen restaurant with the best view of the stadium.

Boat trip

Enjoy a marine tour, through the commercial zone of Mazatlan's pier, observe the highest natural lighthouse in America, in addition to the largest fleet of shrimp (one of the main economic sources of the City).

Glide through mangroves, through the protected wildlife refuge, relax with the spectacle of blue, gray and white herons, as well as seahawks.

Plaza Machado Tour

Visiting Plaza Machado will allow you to enjoy its gardens, as well as its kiosk, get lost in its beautiful illuminated streets and enjoy its varied gastronomic offerings. The nights in the square have an atmosphere, to celebrate with a drink or a coffee between friends. Don't miss the good vibe of the place.


Visit the village of Veranos and try some of the extreme activities you will find here. Zipline, if you're one of those who aren't afraid of heights, throw yourself into the 12 zip lines, each with different lengths, heights, and views of the village. Hot springs, in the middle of the village, relax in the hot springs pools, enjoy their healing properties and forget about the chaos of the City. ATV, have fun in the mountains in all-terrain vehicles and enjoy the scenery of Mazatlan.


For your experience in the "Pearl of the Pacific" to be complete, a bouquet of picturesque villages await you to share their charms preserved in centuries of ancestral traditions, customs, legends, stories, their friendly people and amazing gastronomy, worth visiting again and again.

Copala, for example, one hour from downtown, is a place where the conventional sense of time seems to stop. A mining town that reached prominence for the gold of its mines and today is an invitation to walk its streets, breathe its atmosphere, discover the tranquility and silence that nests in each of its corners. It preserves buildings up to four hundred years old, such as the Baroque Church of San José, and its altar covered with gold and noble metal.

Another example is La Noria, thirty-one kilometers (19 miles) from Mazatlán, an authentic encounter with joy and hospitality. To give you an idea of the spirit that lives and expresses itself in this locality, in the main square, visitors are greeted with a party that starts at ten in the morning and ends after four in the afternoon.


Due to its warm climate and the serenity of its inhabitants, Mazatlan is an ideal place to hold congresses, work and business events. In fact, if the event is held outdoors, it is certain that the conversations will become a source of creativity.

In fact, many of the venues for congresses, conventions and other business events are located mainly in the many hotels in Mazatlan Sinaloa. The following are some of the recommended sites for the best business events.

Mazatlan International Center

Due to its proximity to the sea, this site breathes fresh sea air which, together with its warm climate and natural paradisiacal settings, makes the business trip a centre of creativity and inspiration.

In fact, this centre is considered to be one of the places with the best facilities for holding conferences, congresses and any kind of business event.

It has an area of approximately 10 hectares and a capacity for some 4,500 people. It is located in the so-called Golden Zone, also known as The Pearl of the Pacific, which undoubtedly makes it one of the best places for tourism and business travel.

Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan

This resort offers ideal venues and spaces to hold business events. Almost all of these well-selected venues have a spectacular ocean view that will make the event inspiring.

As for the venues themselves, Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan offers everything from beautiful gardens, terraces, restaurants, and the classic indoor lounges.

In terms of services, it offers catering, state-of-the-art equipment and audiovisual systems, translators, high-speed internet access and telephone points among others.

Estela Corporate Center

It was created after the merger of Anthem Capital and Grubsa. This is the first corporate project that both organizations are developing in the state of Sinaloa; which will have the LEED Core and Shell Certification. In addition, it is a unique construction in Mexico.

This structure is made up of two towers of category AAA, which are designed under the strictest specifications of efficiency, modernity, and technology. As for the services it offers, the following stand out

Corporate offices

Business club: area for large and important companies

Co-working space: for professionals and business executives

Specialized clusters: for independent professionals

Supplier square: for suppliers and manufacturers

Corporate hub: for entrepreneurs who require constant meetings

Consulting campus: site designed for consultants of transnational companies

This corporate center will have accommodation, entertainment and food sites