At the beginning of the most active season for the formation of depressions, tropical storms, and mainly hurricanes, in this zone of the Pacific, the hoteliers of Mazatlán prepare themselves to know how to act in the presence of a meteorological phenomenon.

When you visit Mazatlan these days, you will be surprised at the pace, and number, of large-scale hotel and condominium building construction taking place in the city.

From this Wednesday until Sunday, January 26th, the Riviera Mazatlan project is exhibited in the Mexico Pavilion of the International Tourism Fair 2020, in which everyone is invited to learn about the new destination of southern Sinaloa, said the Spanish media, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres.

Fishing is a distinctive productive activity of Mazatlan, from which thousands of men have managed to obtain the sustenance for their families; and it is in this activity where countless stories of ghosts and apparitions are told, which some fishermen have had to witness.

Mazatlan is a destination known for its lagoon fishermen, which offers experiences beyond imagination. It is sun, beach, culture, history, adventure tourism, and of course, there is the gastronomy of the port, that which is tasted beyond the avant-garde restaurants, in the streets, after a delirious night of beach fun and for the simple pleasure of...