Bitcoin and crypto emerged from the financial crisis of 2008 and in the last ten years, more people have become convinced that their money should be controlled by them rather than by the banks, the money should be difficult, i.e. have a fixed supply and the money should be global and we should be able to trade and transfer without restrictions....

Dengue, measles, diphtheria, leprosy, chagas, and tuberculosis are the six migratory diseases that, even in 2019, continue to affect Latin America. Many of these are propagated by the migration of citizens who leave their homes, either of their own free will or out of necessity.

A conversation with the author born in Matanzas about his most recent book, "Fidel Castro. The Playboy Commander. Sex, Revolution and Cold War", recently published by Hypermedia in Madrid (Fidel Castro. El comandante Playboy. Sexo, Revolución y Guerra Fría).