According to local media, in Yucatan, the body of a person floating near Perez Island, in the Alacranes Reef, was devoured by sharks just as security authorities were about to pull him out of the water.  Local fishermen reported to the Police that on the sea they had found a person lifeless, so a boat of the Secretariat of Public Security tried to rescue him.

Just as rescuers were about to extract the corpse, sharks took it to the sea bottom, which was recorded on video by members of the SSP.

The events occurred 130 kilometers off the coast of Yucatan, however, when the authorities arrived they found the corpse already without legs. Apparently, the victim was a fisherman who fell into the water, but so far the Port Captaincy has not received any report of the disappearance of any member of the crews of the major fishing fleet.