Mario Rebolledo, the researcher at the College of Postgraduates, said that the entire Yucatan Peninsula is at risk of flooding because it is a surface almost at sea level. In the Riviera Maya, the sea would gain up to two kilometers of land, precisely the territory where all the hotel infrastructure is located, in a scenario where the sea level increases by six meters.

In the case of Cancun, the entire hotel zone, which is only two meters above sea level, would disappear. It would even be enough for the sea level to increase by one meter so that, with the arrival of a cold front, the entire surface would be underwater, said the scientist. The same would happen in Puerto Morelos because before a melt of Greenland, the sea would enter two kilometers and flood the entire area of mangroves.

On the islands, Holbox is the region most endangered by global warming, as it sits on a base of sand with a high risk of being flooded. Isla Mujeres and Cozumel have a rocky foundation and high areas that make them less vulnerable.

"In a short period of time, the temperature of the planet is going to rise between one and two degrees globally, that is practically irreversible and that implies that the sea level is going to rise. There is already beginning to be evidence of this."