Yucatan as a gastronomic tourism destination

If anything the cuisine of this state is characterized by being generous. 

Tikin xic
Tikin xic

A place where you will find traditional dishes is La Chaya Maya where one of the stars is the Tikin xic which consists of a generous portion of fish fillet stuffed with shrimp, squid and clams, marinated with annatto, wrapped and cooked in sheets of banana. 

If you go in November, yes you have to order the Mucbil Pollo, which is basically a tamal prepared with a golden and baked dough stuffed with turkey and pork, and wrapped in a banana leaf. 

Before leaving Yucatan it is mandatory to go to the Tere Cazola bakery and buy the best souvenir: a brioche cake with bread filled with cream cheese and a special glaze from the house.