For the first time the Treatment Court rehabilitates a teenager from drugs


The Judicial Branch of the State of Mexico has graduated its first participant from the Addiction Treatment Tribunal as part of its commitment to social reintegration, informed the counselor of the Judicature, Palemón Jaime Salazar Hernández, who recalled that this program is applied to minors of age who commit a first non-serious offense under the influence of a psychotropic substance.

Youth future. Photo: Flickr, for illustration purpose only
Youth future. Photo: Flickr, for illustration purpose only

The minor, he said, was incorporated into the Specialized Control Court that is part of the Comprehensive Criminal Justice System for Adolescents, and his identity has been protected since he is a 16-year-old student of the sixth semester of high school, who was granted the conditional suspension of the process.

According to the criminal case, the young man was linked to the process for crimes against health in his drug dealing modality, since he was arrested in possession of psychoactive substances.

After making the proposal to join the program of social reintegration-operated jointly by the Mexican Judiciary, the Ministry of Health and Safety, the adolescent began his treatment for six months, which showed willingness to therapeutic work, social and psychological, achieving a time of abstinence in the consumption of substances of seven months, explained Salazar Hernández.

Once her toxicological test showed a negative result, she explained, the judge in charge of the case held the graduation hearing, since it was estimated that she overcame the consumption and the analyzes that were carried out showed that she is a person with a criminological low risk.

Thus, the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Mexico fulfilled its commitment to seek effective and efficient mechanisms to reintegrate adolescents into society, without undermining their rights, because once the treatment ends the graduate receives a letter of non-criminal background, he concluded.

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