Xel-Há is one of the largest natural attractions park in the world. It is a natural wonder of indescribable beauty. The name of the park comes from the Maya. It means "The place where the water is born". It is a very successful name since water plays a central role in what this fantastic park has to offer.

It is an ecological park with an approximate area of 86 hectares structured around a natural cave created by a set of wells and lagoons. The park has an incredible natural environment with cenotes, caves, jungle, mangrove area, and lagoons with abundant endogenous flora and fauna.

It is a place to enjoy as a family where children have a special area. It is an ideal park to practice snorkeling among hordes of tropical fish, kayak, hike, explore cenotes and caves, admire the fauna and flora in their natural habitat, and practice adventure activities.

There are a good number of activities and quiet attractions for the most restful, and other riskier adventurers. All are characterized by their contact with nature. These include walks through the jungle, bicycles, a fun mini-train to enjoy a leisurely tour of the park, a tour of the Xel-Há river by snorkeling or a floating tire, lianas, zip lines, and other games. strings, or the popular "Stone of Valor", a jump to the water from 6 meters high.

The Xel-Há park opens 365 days a year from 8:30 a.m. at 6:00 p.m.

The park operates under an all-inclusive regime which gives you access to almost all the activities and everything you can drink and eat in its different bars and restaurants. However, some of the most interesting and fun activities require a supplement to enjoy them.

Among the activities that you have to pay extra are swimming with dolphins, encounters with rays and manatees, underwater scuba diving, adrenaline Xel-Há, Zip Bike, and others. It is a pity that we have to pay an extra for these activities because all of them are a worthwhile experience.

The tour inside the facilities of the Xel-Há park can also be used to visit the archaeological site of Tulum since the two are very close to each other. It is a good way to maximize your day if you have a few days on your trip. Otherwise, I advise you to do both on separate days with ease.