Alleged murderer of two Canadians captured in Mexico City

Mexico's National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Conase) captured Óscar Iván "N", the alleged mastermind of the murder of two Canadian nationals on January 21, 2022, at the Xcaret theme park tourist complex in the municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), in the Riviera Maya area.

Alleged murderer of two Canadians captured in Mexico City
The SSC Mexico City released an image of the alleged mastermind of the murder of two Canadians. Photo: Agencies

The National Anti-Kidnapping Coordination (Conase), captured Óscar Iván "N", the alleged mastermind of the murder of two Canadian nationals on January 21, 2022, in the tourist complex of the Xcaret theme park, municipality of Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen), in the Riviera Maya area, in Quintana Roo.

Through intelligence work and following up on the lines of investigation, as well as for inter-institutional work between the Attorney General's Office of Quintana Roo and the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), Conase identified two people who were followed up by the National Intelligence Center (CNI).

They were located in Mexico City coming from Chiapas, for which Conase field personnel implemented an operation in the municipality of Gustavo A. Madero, one of the persons was identified as Oscar Iván "N", who has an arrest warrant for homicide and attempted homicide.

Two people were arrested for the murder of Canadians in the Riviera Maya

Two people have already been arrested for the crime perpetrated at the Xcaret Mexico hotel at the end of January, which took the lives of two Canadian nationals, informed the state governor, Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, while the state prosecutor, Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales ruled out that the DEA is investigating the resort. For its part, the Canadian Embassy denied having issued statements on the matter, as was reported in some publications.

In a radio interview with Carlos Loret de Mola on Monday night, Joaquín González said that two people have already been arrested in the case and that "a lot of information" is available on the people who have yet to be apprehended. Of the people arrested, one is from Mexico City and the other is Canadian, and it seems that the crime was planned in Canada. It is expected that this Tuesday the state government will release official information on the progress of the investigations.

Hours earlier, in an interview granted within the framework of the signing of an agreement with US authorities to eradicate child sexual exploitation, held in Cancun, the prosecutor detailed that they have worked together with corporations such as the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena), Navy, National Guard, Quintana Roo Police and the National Institute of Migration and that the State Attorney General's Office (FGE) and the Ministry of Public Security of Quintana Roo have advanced in the investigations related to the violent event that cost the lives of two people.

"We have been with them advancing in this sense in the investigation, but we also already contacted Interpol Mexico, the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection of the federal government and we have there a quite robust investigation, we hope to give results very soon," stated the state attorney general, Óscar Montes de Oca Rosales.

This is the person responsible for the shooting at Xcaret.
This is the alleged person responsible for the shooting at Xcaret.

The reality, he anticipated, is that the people involved in the events had no immigration alert or red card, so they were able to enter the destination as tourists, without any problem. The reason for their entry, he emphasized, was for vacation; they were a group of 10 people, including three minors, with confirmed reservations and all the logistics to spend their vacations in the Riviera Maya lodging center.

The Attorney General's Office has been in contact with the Canadian Embassy, with the consuls in Quintana Roo, with whom they have ample communication, and even denied that the DEA is investigating the Xcaret group, for which reason they have not received any notification in this regard.

The alleged assassin, captured by the Xcaret resort's security camera.
The alleged murderer was captured by the Xcaret resort's security camera.

"They came with their normal passports; (the injured woman) was the partner of one of them, they are relatives and were coming for vacation... we are waiting for the process that the consuls are carrying out to carry out the delivery or if the relatives come, the repatriation of the bodies will be carried out", he added.

Regarding this case, the Canadian Embassy in Mexico denied on Monday that Canadian diplomatic officials have given interviews on the case of their nationals -with a criminal background- murdered last Friday in Playa del Carmen.

Xcaret killer sitting on a lounge chair on the beach.
Xcaret killer sitting on a lounge chair on the beach.

This clarification came after a local media of Quintana Roo published the declarations of Alejandro Daisuke, identified by the newspaper as "commissioner of the Canadian consulate", in which he warned of a cartel led by the murdered and the possible intervention of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to investigate the case. This information was picked up by other national media.

The Canadian diplomatic representation emphasized in a statement that the declarant is not a collaborator, nor does he work, nor is he affiliated with the Canadian embassy or consulates in Mexico. "Therefore, the declarations of that person should not be attributed to the embassy."

Xcaret hotel area after the shooting.
Xcaret hotel area after the shooting.

He clarified that both the diplomatic legation and Global Affairs Canada and the consulates of his country in Mexico "do not comment on ongoing investigations, and have not granted an interview." On the contrary, he stressed that the only messages issued so far by the Canadian embassy on this case -where the assailant would also be a citizen of the North American country- are: that Global Affairs Canada is aware of an incident near Playa del Carmen involving three of its citizens and the death of two of them due to the attack; also that consular officials are in contact with local authorities to gather information and are providing consular assistance.

On his part, interviewed in Cancun on the subject, the Secretary of Public Security, Lucio Hernandez Gutierrez, indicated that the inter-institutional integration has allowed them to advance quickly and efficiently on the subject because thanks to the intervention of all the institutions, the location of a vehicle in the hotel zone were achieved, and the seizure and the information provided from there has served to advance in the clarification of the facts.

"When we bring everything to the Prosecutor's Office, institutionally it is responsible for offering the information it is in a position to disclose... there is a world of information from many countries, I believe that the information from the Romanians initially forced us to go deeper into these investigations through intelligence to know what other international organizations are acting in our country", he commented.

He assured us that there is a relationship with all the consuls and embassies, to strengthen diplomatic ties, to share international information and this has allowed us to identify groups from other countries. At the moment he could not reveal from which other countries criminals are operating in the state, but he exemplified with the case of Israel, from where they provide them with information of people who are working here and from other parts of the world, mostly related to crimes against health.

What to know about the wonders of Mexico's Xcaret park

Xcaret is the most emblematic eco-park in the Riviera Maya and throughout Mexico, and offers more than 50 attractions in the middle of the jungle and facing the Caribbean Sea with a wide variety of activities that make it ideal for family enjoyment. In this immense natural park, you can swim in underground rivers, relax in a cove or swim in natural pools, observe close up huge sea turtles, macaws, and deer, or take walks in the Mayan jungle and visit the Coral Reef Aquarium, the Butterfly House, and the Aviary.

The most beautiful cultural expressions of Mexico are concentrated in the Xcaret park, such as the Ritual of the Voladores de Papantla, the charrería, and the pre-Hispanic dances. At sundown, with the presentation of Xcaret México Espectacular, a trip to the history of Mexico with music and folklore, colorful costumes, live singers, and more than 300 artists on stage. In Xcaret, you will also find archaeological vestiges, since, for the ancient Mayans, Xcaret (which they called Polé) was an important commercial and ceremonial center. Other attractions are the replicas of a henequen hacienda and a typical Mexican cemetery.

A trip on a boat at full speed, a walk on the seabed, or swimming with dolphins are some of the optional activities (at an additional cost) to choose from in Xcaret. The Park also has rest areas, hammocks, showers, toilets, lockers, and more than 10 restaurants of different specialties. Xcaret is EarthCheck certified for its actions in favor of sustainability, such as the Marine Turtle Protection Program and the Red Macaw Reproduction Program. The latter received the Guinness Record in 2011, for the largest number of macaws born in the same facility in twelve months.

During the year there are two special events that you can attend. In May, the Sacred Mayan Journey takes place, which recreates the crossing of Mayan canoeists to the oracle of Ixchel in Cozumel. And from October 31 to November 2, you can enjoy the Festival of Life and Death Traditions that commemorates the Day of the Dead. Xcaret Park opens every day of the year from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Hotel Xcaret Mexico: a five-diamond hotel

Only 18 months after its opening, the first hotel of Grupo Xcaret obtained the Five Diamond Certification of the prestigious AAA (American Automobile Association), which every year evaluates and distinguishes hotels and restaurants with the highest standards of quality and service in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Hotel Xcaret Mexico is a proudly Mexican company, conceived to be a tribute to our country through these pillars that have positioned it as the leader in sustainable tourism recreation with the quality of a Five Diamond hotel.

Eco-integrated Architecture

Its facilities preserve the ethics and aesthetics of the region preserving and caring for the natural landscapes of the region. Walking along its iconic hanging bridges or paddle-boarding in its coves makes you feel one with nature.

All-Fun Inclusive

Its all-inclusive concept has surpassed the traditional all-inclusive concept by providing unlimited access to the 9 most iconic parks and tours of the Riviera Maya: Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xenses, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco, Xavage, Xenotes, and Xichén, as well as round transportation to the airport and parks. Forget about renting a car, paying high taxi fares, and disbursing large amounts of fun apart. When you stay at Hotel Xcaret Mexico, you'll find adventure, culture, art, partying, and lots of relaxation.


This is Grupo Xcaret's way to achieve balance and benefit for people, the planet, and business prosperity, and thus continue to provide unique experiences inspired by respect for nature, culture, and life. Did you know that Hotel Xcaret Mexico is the first hotel to have its water bottling plant to avoid the use of plastic bottles? In this way, they reduce their environmental impact and respect the Mayan region in which they are located.

Mexican Art Multiplier Platform

The handicrafts of its 900 suites and the works of art along the hotel were acquired under a fair trade vision supporting the local talent of vulnerable communities. Walking down each of its corridors will truly make you feel very proud to be Mexican. In addition, the hospitality of its collaborators, the excellence in the service, and its promise to offer you the best of Mexico included, make Hotel Xcaret Mexico an endearing and beloved place for those who stay in it.

Miguel Quintana, the architect who transformed tourism in Mexico with Xcaret

Few people in Mexico have contributed as much to the transformation of Mexico's tourism sector as architect Miguel Quintana Pali for his vision of pioneering sustainable tourism and founder and CEO of Grupo Xcaret.  As a Hawaiian mother, he spent his childhood in Hawaii in direct contact with nature and later in Chile, between its lakes and mountains "impregnated with nature, learning to admire and respect it", he assures Efe Quintana on the occasion of the publication of his book "Xueños" (Dreams).

The word sustainability did not exist 30 years ago, but Miguel Quintana was the first thing he took into account when he started Xcaret, Mexico's most important tourist, and leisure group, in 1990. "In Xcaret, we follow the flow of the land, the underwater rivers that already existed, and the respect for vegetation and the natural landscape," he says, recalling how the attractions of Xcaret are integrated into the environment of the landscapes of the Yucatan peninsula.

He doesn't have a specific recipe for success, but he does know the basic ingredients. "Work, perseverance, quality, and doing things differently. Initiate something that renews, that updates, in short: the disruptive culture," he says. Of course, there have been mistakes, failures, and always a risk but the important thing "is that you learn and you get up again", he assures when remembering Xcaret's trajectory. One of the secrets of Xcaret's success is having always taken into account the human factor, "which is in the DNA of the group, as well as training, teamwork, and integration," he says.

"If the employees are not happy in their work, it is not good for the visitor," says Quintana, who adds that he has enjoyed his work so much "that it is as if he had not had to work one day" in his life. Quintana began as a shopkeeper, then as a park keeper, and now as a hotelier. From his first school business and the invention of a table lamp that made him leap to start and found the Pali Shops, Quintana tells in his memoirs how he created the Xcaret Group that today receives 2 million visitors a year and is known worldwide.

Xcaret's success has grown at the same time that the expansion of tourism in Mexico has become the seventh country in the world due to its hotel infrastructure. It is estimated that this year will exceed 43 million international tourists, making the tourism sector one of the most important industries in the country, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism. In a journey through his life as well as through the history of the Xcaret, the book shows how the ideas for the parks arose, the process of creating some of the most emblematic attractions, and the challenges to invent a form of architecture that respects nature.

The Xcaret Group began in 1990 with the mission of launching a sustainable tourism recreation project with Mexico, its nature, culture, and gastronomy at the center of the process with the idea of recreating the success of Disney parks. Today the group operates the most emblematic parks of Cancun and the Riviera Maya: Xcaret, Xel-Há, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xoximilco, Xenses, and Xavage, as well as the Xenotes tour. Through the brand, Xichén also manages luxury excursions, with visits to Mayan archaeological sites and the colonial city of Valladolid, which has allowed it to become the most important tour operator in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

After building the parks, Miguel Quintana became a hotelier, inaugurating his first hotel, Xcaret, all-inclusive, which is more than a hotel, an ecosystem full of colors in which the jungle, caves, and rivers are the main ingredient of an eclectic setting. "The visitor is looking for an integral vacation and Xcaret has been a success. We have the hotel booked for the next two years," says Quintana who plans to open his second hotel, La Casa de la Playa.

Its inauguration will take place in 2020 after an investment of 85 million dollars. It will offer 63 suites of more than 100 square meters with a private swimming pool, distributed in three concepts: nature, fun, and wellness. In addition to the parks and after the successful opening of the hotel Xcaret has a master plan for the next 8 years that includes the construction of 6,000 new rooms, a convention center, a stadium, and a shopping center.