The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) will hold its Global Summit in Cancun, Mexico, with an open call for public and private sector leaders in support of the global revitalization of the tourism industry. From April 25 to 27, this platform will be launched in coordination with the Government of Quintana Roo, to strengthen the promotion of Mexican Caribbean destinations and attract investment for the state, as well as for the country in general.

In this regard, the governor of the entity, Carlos Joaquín González, assured that the event will contribute to the recovery of the sector and guaranteed that all the guidelines and sanitary protocols dictated by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be complied with for the safety of the attendees. The Summit will be held in a hybrid format (face-to-face and virtual) so that those who cannot travel can join the panels and conferences remotely.

Gloria Guevara, president, and CEO of the WTTC stated that although Cancun was ready to host the event in March, as planned, postponing it to April will allow a greater number of people to travel to one of the most renowned beach destinations in the world.

"As the global rollout of vaccination accelerates, and international mobility rules are expected to be relaxed in the coming weeks, more people from key regions will be able to participate and join the conversation on the road to recovery," the directive added.

One of the starting points of this meeting will be for leaders to set the direction for the sector following the lessons learned from the pandemic. Likewise, Guevara pointed out, the experience will be analyzed to adapt travel and tourism services to the new conditions.

For more than 30 years, the work of the WTTC has been essential to raise awareness of the value of travel and tourism, as it is considered one of the largest economic sectors in the world, which is why holding its Global Summit in Mexico is crucial.

Finally, the tourism industry has been one of the most affected by the uncertainty and restrictions that have been experienced since the beginning of 2020 due to COVID-19, so it is expected that the event will also be a boost to promote the restoration of nearly 174 million jobs that have been lost as a result of the health emergency.