The good international prices of agricultural products, particularly grains and the good weather, should be taken advantage of, since of the 163 main dams in the country, 115 are above 50% of their capacity, said the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Víctor Villalobos.

"Mexico is advancing as an important player in world agriculture and is consolidating its position among the main food-producing countries in the world," he said.

The federal official called on all producers to bet on the agricultural sector in view of the very favorable conditions that arose during the current agricultural cycle, thanks to a good rainy season and attractive prices derived from the national and international demand for grains.

The climatic scenario also has an influence, with better water catchment in the dams. According to the National Water Commission (Conagua), as of October 7, the availability of water in storage dams for irrigation is 26,756 cubic hectometers, which is 494 cubic hectometers more than the previous 12 days.

The northwest region has the highest percentage of storage with 49.1%; the northeast region, with 15.2%.

"Let's take advantage of the benefits and the good prices of the harvests to invest in payment of debts, inputs, machinery and infrastructure and be better prepared to take advantage of the next agricultural cycles," recommended the head of the Sader.

Currently there is water, land and human capital. Betting on investment and co-investment in the primary sector will have an impact on reducing asymmetries in the sector and strengthening food security with sovereignty.

He also commented that the federal government has the clear objective of reducing poverty levels in the rural sector and external dependence on basic grains, as well as strengthening food security with the implementation of priority programs and actions based on innovation and technology.