Woman risks life before rhinoceros to save her cell phone


In social networks circulates a video where you can observe the exact moment in which a woman enters a pit of rhinoceroses and does everything to recover her cell phone, in a zoo in Nuevo Léon. 

In the 8-second video, which went viral, it is observed as a woman dressed in denim trousers and blouse scales the wall after lifting her phone, before the eyes of walkers and the animal that watched closely. 

People are heard saying: "Did she drop the phone or what?" For which the woman who is recording answers "yes".

According to zoo authorities, the woman who escaped unscathed violated the zoo's security protocol. The authorities ask citizens to take precaution when they go to the zoo because they may not always end up with the same fate as women.

According to reports, the events occurred last Sunday at the Ecological Park of La Pastora, in Guadalupe, Nuevo León.

In early March, a similar episode took place at the Wildlife World Zoo in Phoenix, Arizona. On this occasion, the visitor skipped the security perimeter to be photographed with a black jaguar. From the other side of the fence, the feline dug his claws into the woman's hand, which was trying to take a selfie. Despite the complaints of the injured, the zoo responded that it would not sacrifice the animal and that the barriers were sufficient and the safety rules were to be met.

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