Without a prize or crown, guest and host of last minute, Panama is champion of the Caribbean Series 2019

With a combination of veteran players, reinforcements from Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela, the Central Americans beat Cuba and have won their first title since 1950.

A champion without a crown.
A champion without a crown.

Panama, a country that was invited (along with Cuba) and host of last minute in the Caribbean Series won the baseball title after beating the Islanders 3-1 in an excellent game on the part of the locals.

Since 1950 that the Central Americans did not reach this distinction and all thanks to the rescue of the pitcher Manny Corpas.

The bad news was given by the organizers of the event, because, being the Bulls of Herrera and the Lumberjacks invited teams, they will not have cash prize despite having reached the achievement in the diamond, this confirmed by the president of the Baseball League Professional from Panama, David Salayandía.

The National Stadium Rod Carew witnessed how the Panamanians reached their first championship since 69 years ago, where the batter Allen Cordoba was the element that shone in the duel against Cuba, as he hit the single for the first race scored by Calderón and ran for second of the Bulls thanks to a hit by E. Reyes.

Javier Guerra, of Los Toros, rose as the MVP of the competition, while Andy Otero, Jilton Calderón and Manuel Guerra reached the awards for Best Launcher Izquierdo, Best Third Base, and Best Manager.

The Mexican, Víctor Mendoza, who was the most outstanding player of the last duel of the Charros de Jalisco against Venezuela, was designated as the Best First Base of the Caribbean Series 2019.

Notably, the current champion of the Panamanian professional league and now the current tournament, armed a group with veteran players and major leagues of the yard and with reinforcements from Colombia, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela, leaving on the road to powers such as the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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